Every Brunette needs a Blonde Best Friend

And every Blonde need a Brunette best friend, it's true you we're/are my first REAL brunette best friend {not that I had imaginary brunette friends & I'm not even a real blonde} but you were the first to really show me a bond that can't be broken even at the hardest of times in our lives.  

I've always thought its weird that when we run into people we've known they always say "I can't believe you both are still best friends." Like we would have different ones by now, And well I was insulted at first cause I thought it meant that we suck, but really I know it's because we are so much alike everything we've done & gone though we've faced it together. When you are going though something I seem to be going through it too. We both met at a time when it was hard for us to let girls in & be our friend, they let us down but we saw the same thing in each other & I think that's why our friendship is so unique, we just get it, everything... When most people well, wouldn't get it at all! 

We've been friends for 9 years & in those 9 years I've seen us go through a lot, love or the thought of relationships being love, road trips to unknown places & familiar roads we've driven on so many times, broken down cars & really fabulous ones that we could take on field trips, parties that we really never should have gone too it did anyway, also of course amazing ones that came with the best memories, things I hope our kids never do & incredible people they we would never forget but we have lost along the way.

Our journey, our friendship & our understanding for each other is unique & amazing all at the same time.  As we get older we will become more wiser {I hope} & become closer. No matter how far we travel or go in life I hope we stick together like we always have. I hope your 26th birthday is wonderful & I hope this year is even better than the last. 

PS After 9 years we still suck at taking photos together so our 26th birthday wish I'm making for you is to take more pictures with your best friend! :)
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  1. I love you oh so much my dear. Our friendship is truly once in a lifetime and I'm so grateful I have had you by my side through so many good and bad times. Thank you for being you =) Love love love you!