The Final Countdown!!

VEGAS!! is almost here! 2 more days & Greg & I will be boarding a plane to Vegas I'm excited, nervous & anxious.

EXCITED TO.... Go to Vegas, see Greg race a GT-R & Lamborghini, have some romantic time alone, maybe shop, win a million dollars {i hope}, & eat yummy food.

NERVOUS TO... Fly on a plane for the 2nd time in my life or 3rd depending on how you look at it, my bag may be too big to take on the plane,  leave Kayden for 3 days :( at my parents, cry every single night missing my baby, I might forget something like important.

 I've almost cleaned the whole house a couple more things to do tomorrow. One thing I loved was when I'd come home from a sleep over or a trip & my mom had the house clean & fresh sheets were on my bed I'm keeping that tradition alive lol. Laundry is next to do on the list I hope to have it all cleaned & put away by tomorrow afternoon or hell tonight if I get to it right away! While & after that is packing time. Greg always waits last minute but he is taking tomorrow off so I'm hoping it will be done by tomorrow night minus his tooth brush!

What if Kayden forgets us? What if something happens while we are away? What if I cry the entire trip & ruin it? Lots & Lots of what ifs are running through this mamas head & I need to relax & enjoy this I know Kayden will be fine & I know I've gotten everything ready to the best of my ability.

I hope to blog from the plane or from Vegas when we have a down time or before bed.

A letter to my Sixteen Year old Self

Dear 16yr. Old Marie,

Your 16th birthday was nothing like you thought it would be in fact it wasn't a big deal like they make it in movies or on tv. You didn't get your permit or license & you didn't get a brand new shiny car in your parents drive way with a Big red bow on it. Nope it was a normal 16 year old Birthday. Although it was nothing like Molly Ringwalds in Sixteen Candles, everyone remembered your birthday.

You are so passionate about love & life don't ever let anyone tell you to change or be different. The guys you date seem to turn your world upside down you think you are in love you aren't & they really aren't that great, they are there just to teach you a life lesson they move on & so do you. It's true love always finds you when you least expect it.

Really you should have taken more pictures, granted you have an incredible memory but it will become hazy over time you should always take more photos as you get older, especially with loved ones. Oh & you still need to get that one roll of film developed so you should get on top of that.

In the up coming years cutting school becomes a regular thing, is it something to be proud of? No but you'll be happy to know 1. You do sound like your mom on the phone. 2. You don't get caught & because of that you still get to graduate. Moral of the story you are extremely lucky & stupid for missing school sometimes. Cutting school will result though in Becca having two cars break down & her getting a awesome car after. Let's hope your kids won't do the same things or at least tell you.

You don't need to have life figured out at 16 cause guess what you are only 16 you will make mistakes & break hearts. You'll have amazing people in your life & some of them won't stay, it won't be the end of the world even if it might feel like it. You must know you really loved it up before you settled down & you didn't settle for being someone's second best you found a wonderful husband who loves you for you & you had a beautiful baby boy who is your world.

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High School Back Then

It's been 8 years since I've been in high school & that makes me feel old. I have to say I don't miss the homework or assignments & I sure don't miss half of the people. 

High school was just that... high school It was very much like the movie Mean Girls at mine {& can I say some of these girls still quote this movie thinking it is cool, you're 26 now please stop.} And for me bad hair mistakes almost half of my life, I had bangs. If I ever have a little girl she will never have bangs. 

I never considered the popular people that word since in my opinion they were not that, I think to be popular means you know everyone & in order to do that you should get to know everyone these people did not so they stayed in there bubble. I was not popular & I wasn't in ANY group I was my own person & I got to know everyone. 
When I went to high school I really hated the rules, I mean being a teen don't we all hate those things someone telling you what you can and can't wear. Your shirt could not show you midriff, you could not were "spaghetti" straps & if you did they must be covered, your shorts must be arms length {this didn't bother me & it should still apply} & the worst NO flip flops! Oh the horror I found ways around all of these rules though.

I really wanted to be a cheerleader at one point my sophomore year I had planned on trying out but was put on hold when I found a lump in my right breast & my surgery to remove it was happening when try outs were so I couldn't participate until next year. I think that was the most scared I've been I thought I had cancer but when the tests came back & it was benign I was extremely thankful I still have to look out for it even more now. So junior year I was going to try again but at try outs I tweaked my ankle lets just say being a cheerleader wasn't in the cards for me, a tattoo artist even said something was still wrong with my left ankle he could tell just by looking at it. If I would had been a cheerleader I would have missed out on so many huge moments in my life lessons & people I still carry with me they all make me happy I wasn't a cheerleader. 

Junior & Senior year were the two best years though they were the ones I really found myself & when I really started being friends with Becca, we weren't the best of students we had one class together our junior year & it really got us into cutting school the good thing is we never got caught I'm sure our parents wouldn't had been to pleased at the time, these are the years I'm most nervous about with Kayden & any other future kid we have especially if we have a girl. We didn't get pregnant or do drugs but we did things most parents would frown upon, went on road trips to places we shouldn't have {that is a whole other story, a very long one in fact}, we partied with questionable people & places but we graduated & got out alive.


When I look back on high school I wish I didn't care so much about boys I wish I would had focused more on me & my friendships & maybe got into another school activity that didn't have to do with high kicks & backflips. My last year of high school I had a different plan than what happened, Becca & I wanted to move to LA once we graduated, we even thought selling our CDs would help get us there we were a little delusional you could say. I think Greg kind of saved us I don't know what people we would have ended up being if we moved there, I'm not sure if we were mature enough to not get mixed up into a life style we couldn't get out of. LA is a rough place lets face it, we all have saving moments in our lives I think meeting Greg & falling in love with him was mine, I'd still love to live there but I'm obviously much wiser now.

High school was some of the worst & best times of my life. I don't know how high school will be when Kayden gets there but I hope he really enjoys it & makes life long friendships like I had.  

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Kayden 15 month update

Today you are 15 months old, these 15 months have been a roller coaster & I know this is only the beginning. You are towards the end of the second to last big mental development stage & let me tell you, you can get pretty upset when you are learning about all of the things around you. Those lightening storm clouds in that app are no joke mama & dada have learned but we try to handle it the best way we know how.

You have your 15 month check up next week so I don't have. Weight & length update but I know you are heavier & longer. This month you went to your cousin Amelia's 3rd birthday party at super franks & you did not stop moving you were constantly on the go! Someone even asked me if you were always like this, I thought about it for a second then said yes he's always like this.{you didn't even have any cake yet} It's true you are even like that at home which makes it hard for me to sit down & read to you but I keep reading anyway. 

I've been a bit nervous I will admit you seem to not talk as much as most babies are your age & I thought you'd be saying more words by now. So of course I googled it. And was happy to see I wasn;t the only concerned mom that their baby wants talking at 15 months, I also found out it's normal as long as you listen & respond to "commands"{as if you are a dog} I know you are learning & I know you'll talk I guess I'll have to patiently wait to hear those cute little words come out of your mouth. 

I keep forgetting to write this down but last month you've started to really eat food with your fork & I must say are pretty darn good at it! You've mastered most doors if its a handle you know how to work it & if it doesn't seem to open you play with the lock to see if you can figure that out but thank god you don't know how to open the knobs since those are all over our house.

On August 31st we went to visit grandma & grandma {mommys parents} & grandma noticed you were pointing at your duck calls that grandpa put aside for you so grandma got them down & you started to blow on them making duck call noises! So you now know how to blow on a duck call & will randomly go around the house saying quack quack it's too cute! That dad your dad & I snuck into the family room to see what you were doing & you were spinning around & dancing, you love to dance.

You've also started trying out new words like duck & Frenchie's name, & you say it after we call her into a room you say "fenfie". Pretty good if you ask me. I love you little guy. 

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Happy Birthday Hubby!

Greg I have to wish you the happiest of birthdays from your little family. Our life is amazing & I know it is a big thanks to you. Thank you for everything you do for us & all of your love. I can't wait to spend time in Vegas with you & to see you race some cars. I love you & happy 27th Birthday my love. 

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Tuesday Weekend Recap

The weekend doesn't last long enough & Labor Day weekend made me really wish this weekend was just like the last.

This weekend was pretty laid back on Saturday we spent the day home finishing laundry & making a fruit salad for our friend Victors Birthday party that night. Kayden had a blast at the party & was so exhausted when he got home he passed right out. Sunday was also pretty laid back & Greg & I got the redecorating our living room itch, we spend the most time in this room& we both agree it isn't our favorite room, we love what's in it just kinda dull & has no direction at all! So we drive over to home goods they had tons of stuff but nothing really struck a cord with a direction on where the room should go so we decided to pick a paint color first, we went to lowes & noticed our neighbor works there {he gave us an amazing deal on the paint} but he said we should go with valspar we did & he "matched" the paint swatch we picked. Greg's mom took Kayden while we painted the room & well we hate the color I couldn't put my finger on it as to why I didn't like it other than it seemed a little too bright but then Greg put our furniture back in the room it hit me it made the room look "cheap" Greg saw it after I said it & he said it looked like a preschool class room, definitely NOT the direction we wanted to go in for this room so we will have to repaint it. I'm happy we didn't spend 33 dollars on the paint cause its pretty bad. We might have to wait till after Vegas though tok many other things are coming up & I nee to soak ing more Kayden time.  

Speaking of Vegas I can't believe how fast Vegas is approaching, There is so much to do before then I feel like I'm not going to have enough hours in the day. I've already prepped Kaydens schedule & our itinerary for Vegas so my mom & dad can have it. Kayden is on a pretty routine schedule so I don't want him to get too off it when we are on vacation I think sleeping will be the hardest adjustment for him. 

Ive already started doing a deep cleaning of the house if you know me you know i can't stand coming home to a messy home!  I'm still getting all of our packing lists done & I realized the thing that sucks about being a woman is most of your toiletries can't be packed until the morning that you are leaving so my list won't be complete till that morning. 

I'm going to miss my little man so much while we are gone I know it's only really two days but its two days I'm not used to going without my little guy, I mean I spend every minute with him everyday so this will be a huge adjustment. So these weeks before I'm going to make sure we get some extra love & kisses in. 

Does it sound crazy that I'm actually looking forward to sitting In a airport & waiting for our flight while sipping on my pumpkin spice latte? It shouldn't PSL is on the brain which doesn't help the weight loss process.  

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What being a mom looks like...

It's funny I'm not sure if being a mom looks an exact certain way, cause after being a mother for a year no mother is the same, to each their own. I've seen moms who work & take their kids to day care, I've seen moms who juggle work, school & still find time to tuck their kids in at night, & I've seen moms like myself who get to be SAHMs & enjoy the day off. {yeah right} what ever the case we all work really hard to be a mom & at times our "job" is under appreciated, we have to be a chef, a tutor, a doctor, a taxi & still have to find the time to take care of ourselves without some saying we are selfish.

We all stay up at night feeding them & move on to the next day with little sleep. We kiss their boo boos when they fall on the ground & we plan their meals to make sure they get the proper nutrients. We try to entertain them when they are bored with their toys. We sing them their favorite songs to help them sleep. It's dancing in the living room or in the middle of a store just to make them laugh. At the end of the day we are exhausted but we love being mom & hearing your baby call you mom or mama warms your heart.

Being a mom you get spit up on your clothes but walk around with a smile on your face. you tell everyone what your baby is doing because you've never been more proud of someone before. You do the laundry & sometimes it will sit there for a couple days & sometimes it might sit there for a week. You put your OCD aside for the day & clean when they are asleep cause its easier that way. Buying yourself things goes on the back burner because buying something for your kid becomes way more exciting to see their face light up. We triad our pretty purses for a diaper bag or a dinosaur backpack that clearly will be in next season, right?   

No matter the time the mom uniform is never the same we all have different ways of raising our babies into adults. Since I've been a mom I've noticed we all seem to have one huge thing in common though & that is loving our children, we all say it is the strongest feeling we've ever felt & that is what really being a mom looks like. 

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