A letter to my Sixteen Year old Self

Dear 16yr. Old Marie,

Your 16th birthday was nothing like you thought it would be in fact it wasn't a big deal like they make it in movies or on tv. You didn't get your permit or license & you didn't get a brand new shiny car in your parents drive way with a Big red bow on it. Nope it was a normal 16 year old Birthday. Although it was nothing like Molly Ringwalds in Sixteen Candles, everyone remembered your birthday.

You are so passionate about love & life don't ever let anyone tell you to change or be different. The guys you date seem to turn your world upside down you think you are in love you aren't & they really aren't that great, they are there just to teach you a life lesson they move on & so do you. It's true love always finds you when you least expect it.

Really you should have taken more pictures, granted you have an incredible memory but it will become hazy over time you should always take more photos as you get older, especially with loved ones. Oh & you still need to get that one roll of film developed so you should get on top of that.

In the up coming years cutting school becomes a regular thing, is it something to be proud of? No but you'll be happy to know 1. You do sound like your mom on the phone. 2. You don't get caught & because of that you still get to graduate. Moral of the story you are extremely lucky & stupid for missing school sometimes. Cutting school will result though in Becca having two cars break down & her getting a awesome car after. Let's hope your kids won't do the same things or at least tell you.

You don't need to have life figured out at 16 cause guess what you are only 16 you will make mistakes & break hearts. You'll have amazing people in your life & some of them won't stay, it won't be the end of the world even if it might feel like it. You must know you really loved it up before you settled down & you didn't settle for being someone's second best you found a wonderful husband who loves you for you & you had a beautiful baby boy who is your world.

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  1. Hi Marie!
    I'm your newest follower! You have an ADORABLE blog. Hope you'll stop by my blogand follow along too. :)