High School Back Then

It's been 8 years since I've been in high school & that makes me feel old. I have to say I don't miss the homework or assignments & I sure don't miss half of the people. 

High school was just that... high school It was very much like the movie Mean Girls at mine {& can I say some of these girls still quote this movie thinking it is cool, you're 26 now please stop.} And for me bad hair mistakes almost half of my life, I had bangs. If I ever have a little girl she will never have bangs. 

I never considered the popular people that word since in my opinion they were not that, I think to be popular means you know everyone & in order to do that you should get to know everyone these people did not so they stayed in there bubble. I was not popular & I wasn't in ANY group I was my own person & I got to know everyone. 
When I went to high school I really hated the rules, I mean being a teen don't we all hate those things someone telling you what you can and can't wear. Your shirt could not show you midriff, you could not were "spaghetti" straps & if you did they must be covered, your shorts must be arms length {this didn't bother me & it should still apply} & the worst NO flip flops! Oh the horror I found ways around all of these rules though.

I really wanted to be a cheerleader at one point my sophomore year I had planned on trying out but was put on hold when I found a lump in my right breast & my surgery to remove it was happening when try outs were so I couldn't participate until next year. I think that was the most scared I've been I thought I had cancer but when the tests came back & it was benign I was extremely thankful I still have to look out for it even more now. So junior year I was going to try again but at try outs I tweaked my ankle lets just say being a cheerleader wasn't in the cards for me, a tattoo artist even said something was still wrong with my left ankle he could tell just by looking at it. If I would had been a cheerleader I would have missed out on so many huge moments in my life lessons & people I still carry with me they all make me happy I wasn't a cheerleader. 

Junior & Senior year were the two best years though they were the ones I really found myself & when I really started being friends with Becca, we weren't the best of students we had one class together our junior year & it really got us into cutting school the good thing is we never got caught I'm sure our parents wouldn't had been to pleased at the time, these are the years I'm most nervous about with Kayden & any other future kid we have especially if we have a girl. We didn't get pregnant or do drugs but we did things most parents would frown upon, went on road trips to places we shouldn't have {that is a whole other story, a very long one in fact}, we partied with questionable people & places but we graduated & got out alive.


When I look back on high school I wish I didn't care so much about boys I wish I would had focused more on me & my friendships & maybe got into another school activity that didn't have to do with high kicks & backflips. My last year of high school I had a different plan than what happened, Becca & I wanted to move to LA once we graduated, we even thought selling our CDs would help get us there we were a little delusional you could say. I think Greg kind of saved us I don't know what people we would have ended up being if we moved there, I'm not sure if we were mature enough to not get mixed up into a life style we couldn't get out of. LA is a rough place lets face it, we all have saving moments in our lives I think meeting Greg & falling in love with him was mine, I'd still love to live there but I'm obviously much wiser now.

High school was some of the worst & best times of my life. I don't know how high school will be when Kayden gets there but I hope he really enjoys it & makes life long friendships like I had.  

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  1. Great Post! New follower from the link up

    1. Thanks for following along. I'll head over to your blog.

  2. Oh how young we were...I miss it. We definitely need some girl time soon because looking back at pictures like these makes me feel old and sad lol.

    1. We really do I can't remember when it was just you and I lol.