Kayden 15 month update

Today you are 15 months old, these 15 months have been a roller coaster & I know this is only the beginning. You are towards the end of the second to last big mental development stage & let me tell you, you can get pretty upset when you are learning about all of the things around you. Those lightening storm clouds in that app are no joke mama & dada have learned but we try to handle it the best way we know how.

You have your 15 month check up next week so I don't have. Weight & length update but I know you are heavier & longer. This month you went to your cousin Amelia's 3rd birthday party at super franks & you did not stop moving you were constantly on the go! Someone even asked me if you were always like this, I thought about it for a second then said yes he's always like this.{you didn't even have any cake yet} It's true you are even like that at home which makes it hard for me to sit down & read to you but I keep reading anyway. 

I've been a bit nervous I will admit you seem to not talk as much as most babies are your age & I thought you'd be saying more words by now. So of course I googled it. And was happy to see I wasn;t the only concerned mom that their baby wants talking at 15 months, I also found out it's normal as long as you listen & respond to "commands"{as if you are a dog} I know you are learning & I know you'll talk I guess I'll have to patiently wait to hear those cute little words come out of your mouth. 

I keep forgetting to write this down but last month you've started to really eat food with your fork & I must say are pretty darn good at it! You've mastered most doors if its a handle you know how to work it & if it doesn't seem to open you play with the lock to see if you can figure that out but thank god you don't know how to open the knobs since those are all over our house.

On August 31st we went to visit grandma & grandma {mommys parents} & grandma noticed you were pointing at your duck calls that grandpa put aside for you so grandma got them down & you started to blow on them making duck call noises! So you now know how to blow on a duck call & will randomly go around the house saying quack quack it's too cute! That dad your dad & I snuck into the family room to see what you were doing & you were spinning around & dancing, you love to dance.

You've also started trying out new words like duck & Frenchie's name, & you say it after we call her into a room you say "fenfie". Pretty good if you ask me. I love you little guy. 

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  1. hi hi! i found your blog via the girl in the red shoes. yay! i sponsored her last month and it was great. new follower! i have a little gal that will be one at the end of this month and it's so fun to find other mama blogs!