The Final Countdown!!

VEGAS!! is almost here! 2 more days & Greg & I will be boarding a plane to Vegas I'm excited, nervous & anxious.

EXCITED TO.... Go to Vegas, see Greg race a GT-R & Lamborghini, have some romantic time alone, maybe shop, win a million dollars {i hope}, & eat yummy food.

NERVOUS TO... Fly on a plane for the 2nd time in my life or 3rd depending on how you look at it, my bag may be too big to take on the plane,  leave Kayden for 3 days :( at my parents, cry every single night missing my baby, I might forget something like important.

 I've almost cleaned the whole house a couple more things to do tomorrow. One thing I loved was when I'd come home from a sleep over or a trip & my mom had the house clean & fresh sheets were on my bed I'm keeping that tradition alive lol. Laundry is next to do on the list I hope to have it all cleaned & put away by tomorrow afternoon or hell tonight if I get to it right away! While & after that is packing time. Greg always waits last minute but he is taking tomorrow off so I'm hoping it will be done by tomorrow night minus his tooth brush!

What if Kayden forgets us? What if something happens while we are away? What if I cry the entire trip & ruin it? Lots & Lots of what ifs are running through this mamas head & I need to relax & enjoy this I know Kayden will be fine & I know I've gotten everything ready to the best of my ability.

I hope to blog from the plane or from Vegas when we have a down time or before bed.


  1. Hi Marie! Guess what?!?! You won my giveaway for the baby keepsake journal! Congrats mam!
    I'm actually having another for a baby glass storage food container set! :)

    Please email me your mailing address Thank you!