Tuesday Weekend Recap

The weekend doesn't last long enough & Labor Day weekend made me really wish this weekend was just like the last.

This weekend was pretty laid back on Saturday we spent the day home finishing laundry & making a fruit salad for our friend Victors Birthday party that night. Kayden had a blast at the party & was so exhausted when he got home he passed right out. Sunday was also pretty laid back & Greg & I got the redecorating our living room itch, we spend the most time in this room& we both agree it isn't our favorite room, we love what's in it just kinda dull & has no direction at all! So we drive over to home goods they had tons of stuff but nothing really struck a cord with a direction on where the room should go so we decided to pick a paint color first, we went to lowes & noticed our neighbor works there {he gave us an amazing deal on the paint} but he said we should go with valspar we did & he "matched" the paint swatch we picked. Greg's mom took Kayden while we painted the room & well we hate the color I couldn't put my finger on it as to why I didn't like it other than it seemed a little too bright but then Greg put our furniture back in the room it hit me it made the room look "cheap" Greg saw it after I said it & he said it looked like a preschool class room, definitely NOT the direction we wanted to go in for this room so we will have to repaint it. I'm happy we didn't spend 33 dollars on the paint cause its pretty bad. We might have to wait till after Vegas though tok many other things are coming up & I nee to soak ing more Kayden time.  

Speaking of Vegas I can't believe how fast Vegas is approaching, There is so much to do before then I feel like I'm not going to have enough hours in the day. I've already prepped Kaydens schedule & our itinerary for Vegas so my mom & dad can have it. Kayden is on a pretty routine schedule so I don't want him to get too off it when we are on vacation I think sleeping will be the hardest adjustment for him. 

Ive already started doing a deep cleaning of the house if you know me you know i can't stand coming home to a messy home!  I'm still getting all of our packing lists done & I realized the thing that sucks about being a woman is most of your toiletries can't be packed until the morning that you are leaving so my list won't be complete till that morning. 

I'm going to miss my little man so much while we are gone I know it's only really two days but its two days I'm not used to going without my little guy, I mean I spend every minute with him everyday so this will be a huge adjustment. So these weeks before I'm going to make sure we get some extra love & kisses in. 

Does it sound crazy that I'm actually looking forward to sitting In a airport & waiting for our flight while sipping on my pumpkin spice latte? It shouldn't PSL is on the brain which doesn't help the weight loss process.  

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