What being a mom looks like...

It's funny I'm not sure if being a mom looks an exact certain way, cause after being a mother for a year no mother is the same, to each their own. I've seen moms who work & take their kids to day care, I've seen moms who juggle work, school & still find time to tuck their kids in at night, & I've seen moms like myself who get to be SAHMs & enjoy the day off. {yeah right} what ever the case we all work really hard to be a mom & at times our "job" is under appreciated, we have to be a chef, a tutor, a doctor, a taxi & still have to find the time to take care of ourselves without some saying we are selfish.

We all stay up at night feeding them & move on to the next day with little sleep. We kiss their boo boos when they fall on the ground & we plan their meals to make sure they get the proper nutrients. We try to entertain them when they are bored with their toys. We sing them their favorite songs to help them sleep. It's dancing in the living room or in the middle of a store just to make them laugh. At the end of the day we are exhausted but we love being mom & hearing your baby call you mom or mama warms your heart.

Being a mom you get spit up on your clothes but walk around with a smile on your face. you tell everyone what your baby is doing because you've never been more proud of someone before. You do the laundry & sometimes it will sit there for a couple days & sometimes it might sit there for a week. You put your OCD aside for the day & clean when they are asleep cause its easier that way. Buying yourself things goes on the back burner because buying something for your kid becomes way more exciting to see their face light up. We triad our pretty purses for a diaper bag or a dinosaur backpack that clearly will be in next season, right?   

No matter the time the mom uniform is never the same we all have different ways of raising our babies into adults. Since I've been a mom I've noticed we all seem to have one huge thing in common though & that is loving our children, we all say it is the strongest feeling we've ever felt & that is what really being a mom looks like. 

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  1. Loved this! I found you through the link up and you are so right about the laundry it's not even funny lol!

  2. This was beautiful! Great post :)