Terrible twos at 16 Months

Terrible 16 month old. Can I really say that about my sweet little boy? That he is terrible, he isn't really terrible but my goodness these last couple days have been the worst tantrums I've seen come out of him & he is also really testing his limits & mine...

Don't get me wrong I'd never raise a hand to him I don't believe that is how you should discipline ANY child but my goodness he doesn't want to listen lately & I can blame it all on his last {yes I just said last} wonder week. Every time a week starts I think how could this one be worse than the last well Kayden always knows how to top it & this week he's topped it with pushing his boundaries.

He is 16 months old & I get that, he is still figuring out what is right from wrong but his new favorite thing to do is throw his food on the ground when he is done I tell him "No Kayden you can't do that if you are done tell mama done." So after explaining to him he goes back to eating a little more & then realizes he is still full & that's when he throws his whole plate on the ground. I'm always very serious when disciplining him even though he doesn't take it seriously I tell him, "No! You don't throw your food on the ground that is very bad." He then proceeds by pointing to our dog Frenchie & saying, "Bad dog, Bad dog!" With a growl of course. Ugh really Kayden? I hate to say it it's really cute when he says that to Frenchie but still wrong.

On top of the tantrums yesterday's naps were the worst I've seen. Kayden will normally take two naps a day still which is fine with me I don't mind it I know his body will know when he doesn't need those two naps anymore. So yesterday I put him down for his first nap which only lasted 30mins they normally last a hour to hour & half. After that he didn't want his second nap he feel asleep for the night at 8 but once 3am hit he was wide awake.

So moms I'm turning to you what do you do to discipline your toddler? How do you let them know you are serious? Kayden doesn't take it seriously & laughs when I am serious.

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Falling into Pumpkins

Last weekend couldn't have come soon enough! Seriously I was over being sick & Kayden was over being house bound for 3 days while I didn't feel good. Greg had to work a little on Saturday afternoon so we were stuck at his office for a couple hours, after that we ran some errands that we've been meaning to do. On Sunday we had planned to go to the pumpkin patch with Becca, victor & the kids but Amelia & Ben weren't feeling well so when Kayden woke up from his nap & we decided to go anyway cause Sunday isn't fun with a stir crazy kid locked inside the house all day.

He had a blast running around the pumpkin patch. He tried to take someone's wagon luckily the family was really nice & let him use it all he wanted to do was push it & then ran off to a pumpkin. He picked out my pumpkin & I picked out his & Greg picked out the one Kayden fell on. After picking our pumpkins we went around the hay maze with dad & looked at the decorations in the barn.

Kayden always has so much fun, he has this crazy excitement for life I can't even explain, except I have to say I love seeing him excited about EVERYTHING! Now enjoy an over load of photos :)

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Great October Day

Yesterday was a pretty great day {minus my headache} my best friend Jenna & I had been planning to take the kids to go get their photos done together in their Halloween costumes. I had already been planning for Kayden to be a werewolf before we talked about the photos being done & Jenna planned on Avilee to be Belle, it couldn't had worked out more perfect than that.

Kayden acted exactly how I thought he would he didn't want to sit, he hated his costume, he slipped on the floor A LOT & he didn't want to be in the room we were in he wanted to be in the room next to us so he could ruin that families photos, he did ruin one of them & the grandma gave me the dirtiest look these judging eyes look! Throughout all of the craziness there were some great moments hanging out with my second family & we got to eat lunch with them too!

The day wasn't wasted & we got a great photo of the kids together, I also got a cute one of Kayden which I didn't think I'd get at all but thank god the photographer saw the opportunity. I'm so happy our kids get to grow up together we didn't plan it but it was all in gods plan, I hope we get to hangout more & more.

{they are too cute}

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Waking up in Vegas

The weekend flew bye & we had so much fun on our little vacation. We did miss our little man though but I could not have imagined traveling on the plane with him & going to all of the places we went with the little guy I don't think he has a the patience for it yet.

On Friday we woke up extremely early to drive to the airport & to make our flight we didn't get searched, they didn't take any of my make up or shampoo away & made it to our terminal with time to spare. I was exciting to get on the plane & wasn't as nervous to take off as I thought I'd be our landing was way more rough than the take off. On the plane I looked at my magazine & listened to music & towards the end Greg & I had a mini photo session we were getting bored.

Before we took off

{flying over the Sierra Nevadas & SNOW}
So sweet right? 
{After this photo we had a dance party in our seats well I did} 
{This was mild compared to the other goofy ones}

Once we landed in Vegas we went on this crazy back to the future am-track train to be dropped of over by the baggage so we then could hope on a shuttle to get our rent a car. {thank god for that car it was s much cheaper than getting a cab to drive to the race track later that day} After we picked up our little Ford Focus we went straight to the hotel. We parked valet cause we were too lazy to park it ourselves.

{First time ever seeing the Welcome to Las Vegas sign even though we had already been there before}
{We stayed at the Bellagio hold your breath it isn't that great.}

Ok so I'd never think I'd stay at the Bellagio & I will admit it wasn't my first choice for this trip I actually really wanted to stay at The Cosmopolitan but we went here instead it was even that much cheaper we should have picked the Cosmo anyway I'll move onto the story. The Bellagio is gorgeous don't get me wrong but I wasn't impressed with the rooms or attitude of some of the people that worked there. We arrived around 9am so it was pretty early we checked in some of our bags since our room wasn't ready yet the very sweet woman at the front desk told us they'd send us a text when the room was down being cleaned she thought it'd be done by at least 12:30 pm which was great e had some errands to run before we went to the track. We walked around Miracle Mile mall in Planet Hollywood & got Greg some new "track shoes" so he could race his Sperry like shoes weren't cutting it. After that we went back to the hotel to make reservations for dinner that night for 8pm at FIX {so damn good} The concierge was amazing she was so nice & totally blew me away with the way she treated us it was like we had known her forever I wish I could remember her name. After that we walked around the hotel we were in a time halt so we couldn't much else but sit & wait for the room. 12:30 came around & still no text so we called the front desk like we were told to see if it was ready, the woman on the phone told us it wasn't but another room was my husband said as long as it had the same view then we wouldn't mind switching she fixed it to a new room & told us to head up. We were then stopped by the phone ringing from the same lady telling us to reactivate the room cards I didn't mind she told us to go to the front & ask one of the women walking around to help. We found one she seemed pretty pissy not sure why, she said "And who are you? let me see your ID." She was rude & gave us a crappy room after seeing we originally had a garden/pool view, we now faced the freeway & also the rooms were mediocre the Marriott in Newport is better. After being disappointed int he room we decided to just got to the track a little early the whole reason we really came to Vegas.

I got Greg a package from Cloud 9 living for our Anniversary/Birthday present & I was completely satisfied with the experience we had at Exotics Racing & so was he. We didn't know what to expect but when we got there the place was surprisingly packed some people were there to race some were like myself just there to watch or some got the drifting package {a professional drifter takes you around the track}  Greg was to originally race a Lamborghini & GT-R two of his dream cars, what am I saying my husband just loves cars, he saw there was a Ferrari & instantly wanted to race that too. So he had a track briefing to see what it would be like then it was his turn to have some fun on the track. Everyone gets a driving instructor & you get to go as fast as you'd like, he had so much fun & I could just tell he was in heaven doing what he loves he loves driving e's always had a passion for cars. They ended up upgrading him to a Ferarri {for no fee} cause the wait for the Lamborghini was really long.
waiting at the track for his turn
{got his helmet on now}
{waiting to be driven around the track to get a feel of it before they all race.}
{greg racing the GT-R}
{& him racing the Ferrari, he now wants a Ferrari} 

{I got to sit in my dream car an Audi R8 I was way too nervous to race it.} 

After racing at the track we went back to the hotel to take a nap lol seriously nothing fancy or romantic about that but we were exhausted! We woke up just in time to get ready for dinner at the restaurant FIX it felt nice to get all dressed up I hadn't done that in a really long time so long I cant even remember the last time it was probably the last time we were in Vegas. FIX was great I loved the food & the Strawberry Aviation drink go me pretty tipsy fast, once we were done eating Greg wanted to show me the Chandelier bar in the Cosmopolitan Hotel, it was GORGEOUS & the band playing that night was great they played old 20's music it was a very classy atmosphere & I'd recommend going there just to lounge & have some drinks & if you drink anything on the menu have the Fire Breathing Dragon it is too cool to pass up & have you video rolling when you get your shot glass. 

{we clean up nicely}
{the lobster tacos, they are like Barbie size well not really but thy are small & delicious!}

{photos of the chandelier bar from google} 
{It's 3 stories high & amazing!}

The next day was our last day in Vegas we went to the Mr. Olympia expo at the Las Vegas convention center there were way more people than 2011 Greg got to all of his body building idols & we got some great workout gear & tons of protein supplements. It was nice to see more people than the years before it's a tough "sport activity" to be in & in the sporting world it's frowned upon but those men & women work so hard to train & condition their bodies they deserve a lot more recognition then they get.   After the expo we went to do some more shopping & eating I mean that what vacations are all about we only had one drink that day that really was more like a Slurpee. Sunday was all about going home & we were more than happy to do that we missed our little man so much, nothing makes you appreciate home more than being away from it in my opinion. I think Kayden could have cared less that we were gone & I shocked him when we came to pick him up but he gave me the biggest cuddle hug a mama could hope for my parents took great care of him & was sad to see him go. I'm not sure I'll be taking a vacation away from Kayden anytime soon we missed him too much. 

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