Great October Day

Yesterday was a pretty great day {minus my headache} my best friend Jenna & I had been planning to take the kids to go get their photos done together in their Halloween costumes. I had already been planning for Kayden to be a werewolf before we talked about the photos being done & Jenna planned on Avilee to be Belle, it couldn't had worked out more perfect than that.

Kayden acted exactly how I thought he would he didn't want to sit, he hated his costume, he slipped on the floor A LOT & he didn't want to be in the room we were in he wanted to be in the room next to us so he could ruin that families photos, he did ruin one of them & the grandma gave me the dirtiest look these judging eyes look! Throughout all of the craziness there were some great moments hanging out with my second family & we got to eat lunch with them too!

The day wasn't wasted & we got a great photo of the kids together, I also got a cute one of Kayden which I didn't think I'd get at all but thank god the photographer saw the opportunity. I'm so happy our kids get to grow up together we didn't plan it but it was all in gods plan, I hope we get to hangout more & more.

{they are too cute}

 photo rollingsignature_zpsc0dc0fee.png


  1. How cute!! He is such a handsome werewolf :)

  2. So stinking cute!!!! Have you received your baby book? Just checking to make sure :)

    1. Yes I did! It got delivered to the wrong mail box at first but I was able to actually catch the mail lady and get it out.