Terrible twos at 16 Months

Terrible 16 month old. Can I really say that about my sweet little boy? That he is terrible, he isn't really terrible but my goodness these last couple days have been the worst tantrums I've seen come out of him & he is also really testing his limits & mine...

Don't get me wrong I'd never raise a hand to him I don't believe that is how you should discipline ANY child but my goodness he doesn't want to listen lately & I can blame it all on his last {yes I just said last} wonder week. Every time a week starts I think how could this one be worse than the last well Kayden always knows how to top it & this week he's topped it with pushing his boundaries.

He is 16 months old & I get that, he is still figuring out what is right from wrong but his new favorite thing to do is throw his food on the ground when he is done I tell him "No Kayden you can't do that if you are done tell mama done." So after explaining to him he goes back to eating a little more & then realizes he is still full & that's when he throws his whole plate on the ground. I'm always very serious when disciplining him even though he doesn't take it seriously I tell him, "No! You don't throw your food on the ground that is very bad." He then proceeds by pointing to our dog Frenchie & saying, "Bad dog, Bad dog!" With a growl of course. Ugh really Kayden? I hate to say it it's really cute when he says that to Frenchie but still wrong.

On top of the tantrums yesterday's naps were the worst I've seen. Kayden will normally take two naps a day still which is fine with me I don't mind it I know his body will know when he doesn't need those two naps anymore. So yesterday I put him down for his first nap which only lasted 30mins they normally last a hour to hour & half. After that he didn't want his second nap he feel asleep for the night at 8 but once 3am hit he was wide awake.

So moms I'm turning to you what do you do to discipline your toddler? How do you let them know you are serious? Kayden doesn't take it seriously & laughs when I am serious.

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  1. You could have just written about an evening in our home! Normally my daughter, who is currently in her 75 week/ 17 month Wonder Week, is throwing fits like none other - over everything! It has truly tested my patience! When I discipline or talk to her sternly, she laughs! So frustrating! I just try to remember that this too shall pass.

    As far as discipline, I think it's too early for anything serious. Everything says to explain in short sentences (like a cave-man, since that's all they comprehend) and tell them no, but really, redirection works best at this point. Other than that, they don't get it. I've Googled a few times this week myself, because I feel like I'm not doing something right!

    Sorry you're going through it, but it's good to know we're not alone! Hang in there Mama!