Thankful Thursday in November... Most Thankful for...

This photo really does sum it up, when I was pondering what to write to wrap up this link up what I'm most thankful for I really didn't know what I'd narrow it down as to what I'm most thankful for there are so many things to be thankful for & then as if god answered my thought I got an email from a company with just what I should write about. 

I'm thankful for everything... Everything that has entered my life I am thankful for. My husband, my sweet little boy, my family, my friends even though I haven't seen them in a long time, my house, I'm thankful for my health, for the health of my family & friends, for being able to be a stay at home mom to Kayden, I'm thankful for the people that actually enjoy reading my blog & I'm thankful for the rough days which make me even more thankful for the perfect ones. And most of all I'm thankful for god & for him giving me this life to be thankful for. 

I hope all of you have a wonderful thanksgiving with whoever you are celebrating the day with. Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours. 

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Thankful Thursday in November... An Event

Like everyone's life you have big events, milestones. I've always thought those events can change your path or change who you are as a person. I went through the ones I consider big events, the ones that have seemed to change my path or direction I was headed in & most of them of were when I met someone of importance in my life, the ones that changed my path in some way. I'm thankful for them all but one event stands out the most & makes me smile. 

Kayden's birth day, the day I became a mom, I instantly fell in love!  The first words out of my moth were "oh my gosh he's so cute, he's perfect." And that was it I held him for a second or what felt like one & then they took him away. 
The day I had Kayden taught me plans can be made & you may have an idea in you head of how things go but chances are things won't be how you thought, much like being a mom. 
This is my event in my life I'm most thankful for. It's simple but true Kayden & being a mom has taught me more about myself than anything else that's happened. It's the hardest but most rewarding "job" I've ever had. He's taught me what real unexplainable love feels like & that not all love is the same. Everything that happens from here on out are going to have events with Kayden I know no matter what happens the moments I have with him will always be my favorite ones. 

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It always seems to rain...

It's finally the first rain of the season over where we live, even though I'm not big on going out in the rain it's days like this I really love being at home playing with my little boy & watching him grow & learn everyday. I'm lucky to be able to have this life & to be a stay at home mom. 

I remember the first rain last year we've come so far since then, Kayden was only 5 months old & still so tiny! I remember looking out at the rain with him, he looked so confused as to what it was on the ground so I took him outside to stand in the rain for a little bit he kind loved feeling the drops fall on his head, he kept looking up to see where it was coming from. I can't wait for more rainy days & for him to play in the puddles & make leaf boats with his mama. 

It always seems to rain on this day though it did 4 years ago today & I think always will. I can't believe it's been 4 years since you passed away grandpa but it has I miss you every day of every year. Every time Kayden does something amazing or funny I think of you & how you would have gotten such a kick out of him. 

Mom wrote me earlier this week about how she had to go show dad something in the backyard last weekend & so my dad followed after her. After they were done they tried to get back in the house but somehow the sliding glass door locked behind them, mom climbed over the fence to get to the other door, once they got inside they tried over & over again to recreate the door locking but they couldn't do it no matter how hard they slammed it shut dad said "it must be dad playing tricks on us." I believe it I know that lock to the sliding door & there is no way to lock it behind yourself, & that was so you always playing tricks on us & I know you still do. 
I think Kayden sees you, there are moments he laughs so randomly & I know it is probably you he is laughing & its a laugh he only does when he thinks someone is really acting funny. 

We miss you everyday grandpa & as selfish as it sounds I wish you were still here. I hope you & grandma are watching us & smiling. 

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Thankful Thursday in November... A place

A place I'm thankful for if you are really close to me & have been in my life for a extremely long time you would have thought I would say Los Angeles because I love it there, I always have, I still do... But you'd be wrong, I'm not really thankful for it I love my memories I've had in that city but nope sorry, I'm really thankful for my house. 

My house is my thankful place. Granted I don't call it my home, I hate saying that but I don't see us living in this house forever now. They say the one thing you should never do is buy a house when you are pregnant, well this pregnant lady did just that & I totally get it cause the only thing I was thinking when I saw this house was, a room for my baby that was going to be born in two months we "needed" this house, we still do as much as I complain about it I do love having a house.

Our next home will not be in this town & it will be closer to where Greg works. It will also be closer to Kaydens friends that I want him to grow up with even if they aren't going to the same school. It will also not have as many spiders or bugs {no joke I've killed 4 spiders in two days poisonous ones!}
This house will buy us our future home in the area we want to live in, this house will get us a backyard Kayden can actually play in with his friends, this house will give us one with grass in the backyard,  this house has given us a place to bring our baby home too, this house has shown Greg & myself we've come a long way & most importantly every night I go to bed this house puts a roof over mine & my families head. I am extremely thankful to have a house, a place my baby can call his home, somewhere to make memories with Kayden, and a place that keeps us warm & safe. I know now what we really need in a house & what Kayden needs from our next house until then I'm thankful to have what we do.

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Kayden... A 17 month update

I'm pretty sure this year has gone by faster than I expected & if I compare this time last year to this year a ton of things have changed.

You are talking way more than last month & I love it you've also laid back on the pacifier which I think has helped you talk more. You now say "oh god" thanks to daddy saying that one day when you were acting too cute, after dad said it you followed along. I'd rather you say gosh but it's so cute when you say it!

You don't stop moving at all, which makes this extremely difficult for me to take a picture. Speaking of pictures we don't have any with you this Halloween cause you didn't want to stop moving for them. At the Halloween party we went to you wondered the entire house inside & out, you danced in the backyard & in the mischief nature of yourself you still seemed to find the vacuum so you took all of the vac tools to play with them. On Halloween day it was the first time you went trick or treating & you did so good, you were a little confused as to why we were walking up to houses & then leaving them but you learned that if you knock on the door you get a treat. You looked adorable in your wolf outfit, you still wouldn't wear the mask for it but I'll take what I can get next year if you want you can pick what you want to be.

You look older & older everyday you are totally a toddler & have proven it to me many times that you aren't a baby & are growing way too fast, I wish this time would slow down. It is officially 1 month away from your first trip to Disneyland & I can't wait to see you face when we are there riding all of the rides & meeting the characters. You love the Christmas decorations in stores so I can't wait to see your face when the house is decorated.

Tuesdays are your favorite day to throw tantrums & not take naps. I have the memo now & am just calling it your "off day". You especially hate when I cook dinner that day it's odd but I'm trying to adjust to making dinner takes a little longer on Tuesdays, I might just make it dinner is in the crock pot day. You love cheese itz as a snack with your lunch I think this is funny because when I was pregnant with you that was my go to snack. You know that if you want to go outside you need to put your shoes on, so you grab your shoes & go to the back door. I'm not looking forward to a couple things that I have a feeling you'll be figuring out soon. One of them being opening the door with a round knob, you just figured out last week that you know how the door locks & unlocks... Great! And the second one if climbing up the crib to get out, you are getting so tall & climb on everything which brings me to the third thing & that's climbing on top of chairs to get onto counter tops, I really really really don't want you to figure this one. I have to also make a note grandpa {my dad} calls you little bud it makes me smile every time I hear him say it. I love you little mister.

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Happy Birthday Mom!

Growing up I never had the problem most girls would complain about with their moms. You've always listened to me, you always helped me & you've been there for me though everything. Thank you for be such a wonderful mom & best friend to me & an amazing Grammy to mister Kayden we love you so much!

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