Kayden... A 17 month update

I'm pretty sure this year has gone by faster than I expected & if I compare this time last year to this year a ton of things have changed.

You are talking way more than last month & I love it you've also laid back on the pacifier which I think has helped you talk more. You now say "oh god" thanks to daddy saying that one day when you were acting too cute, after dad said it you followed along. I'd rather you say gosh but it's so cute when you say it!

You don't stop moving at all, which makes this extremely difficult for me to take a picture. Speaking of pictures we don't have any with you this Halloween cause you didn't want to stop moving for them. At the Halloween party we went to you wondered the entire house inside & out, you danced in the backyard & in the mischief nature of yourself you still seemed to find the vacuum so you took all of the vac tools to play with them. On Halloween day it was the first time you went trick or treating & you did so good, you were a little confused as to why we were walking up to houses & then leaving them but you learned that if you knock on the door you get a treat. You looked adorable in your wolf outfit, you still wouldn't wear the mask for it but I'll take what I can get next year if you want you can pick what you want to be.

You look older & older everyday you are totally a toddler & have proven it to me many times that you aren't a baby & are growing way too fast, I wish this time would slow down. It is officially 1 month away from your first trip to Disneyland & I can't wait to see you face when we are there riding all of the rides & meeting the characters. You love the Christmas decorations in stores so I can't wait to see your face when the house is decorated.

Tuesdays are your favorite day to throw tantrums & not take naps. I have the memo now & am just calling it your "off day". You especially hate when I cook dinner that day it's odd but I'm trying to adjust to making dinner takes a little longer on Tuesdays, I might just make it dinner is in the crock pot day. You love cheese itz as a snack with your lunch I think this is funny because when I was pregnant with you that was my go to snack. You know that if you want to go outside you need to put your shoes on, so you grab your shoes & go to the back door. I'm not looking forward to a couple things that I have a feeling you'll be figuring out soon. One of them being opening the door with a round knob, you just figured out last week that you know how the door locks & unlocks... Great! And the second one if climbing up the crib to get out, you are getting so tall & climb on everything which brings me to the third thing & that's climbing on top of chairs to get onto counter tops, I really really really don't want you to figure this one. I have to also make a note grandpa {my dad} calls you little bud it makes me smile every time I hear him say it. I love you little mister.

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  1. He is just adorable! God bless him. My little peanut will be turning 1 pretty soon and has it has me worried about all the things he'll be able to do.

    1. Aww thak you Pamela. It's such a huge milestone I miss him being little.

  2. I love his outfit! He is such a handsome little man :)