Thankful Thursday in November... An Event

Like everyone's life you have big events, milestones. I've always thought those events can change your path or change who you are as a person. I went through the ones I consider big events, the ones that have seemed to change my path or direction I was headed in & most of them of were when I met someone of importance in my life, the ones that changed my path in some way. I'm thankful for them all but one event stands out the most & makes me smile. 

Kayden's birth day, the day I became a mom, I instantly fell in love!  The first words out of my moth were "oh my gosh he's so cute, he's perfect." And that was it I held him for a second or what felt like one & then they took him away. 
The day I had Kayden taught me plans can be made & you may have an idea in you head of how things go but chances are things won't be how you thought, much like being a mom. 
This is my event in my life I'm most thankful for. It's simple but true Kayden & being a mom has taught me more about myself than anything else that's happened. It's the hardest but most rewarding "job" I've ever had. He's taught me what real unexplainable love feels like & that not all love is the same. Everything that happens from here on out are going to have events with Kayden I know no matter what happens the moments I have with him will always be my favorite ones. 

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