Thankful Thursday in November... A place

A place I'm thankful for if you are really close to me & have been in my life for a extremely long time you would have thought I would say Los Angeles because I love it there, I always have, I still do... But you'd be wrong, I'm not really thankful for it I love my memories I've had in that city but nope sorry, I'm really thankful for my house. 

My house is my thankful place. Granted I don't call it my home, I hate saying that but I don't see us living in this house forever now. They say the one thing you should never do is buy a house when you are pregnant, well this pregnant lady did just that & I totally get it cause the only thing I was thinking when I saw this house was, a room for my baby that was going to be born in two months we "needed" this house, we still do as much as I complain about it I do love having a house.

Our next home will not be in this town & it will be closer to where Greg works. It will also be closer to Kaydens friends that I want him to grow up with even if they aren't going to the same school. It will also not have as many spiders or bugs {no joke I've killed 4 spiders in two days poisonous ones!}
This house will buy us our future home in the area we want to live in, this house will get us a backyard Kayden can actually play in with his friends, this house will give us one with grass in the backyard,  this house has given us a place to bring our baby home too, this house has shown Greg & myself we've come a long way & most importantly every night I go to bed this house puts a roof over mine & my families head. I am extremely thankful to have a house, a place my baby can call his home, somewhere to make memories with Kayden, and a place that keeps us warm & safe. I know now what we really need in a house & what Kayden needs from our next house until then I'm thankful to have what we do.

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  1. I totally hear ya on this girl! We moved 3 times and are finally in our *forever* home and I couldn't be happier! It will happen for you too!

    1. That makes me happy to know we aren't the only ones who have second guessed our house purchase.