A Trip to Meet Santa

A few weeks ago we realized we'd be gone the same time our second families annual Christmas Party was going on so Kayden wouldn't be sitting on Santa's lap at the party we decided we'd have to take a trip to the mall & get his photo taken there to meet Santa for... well really the first time.

Kayden was so young last year so I know he didn't remember his real first meeting of the big jolly guy. I thought we'd be going to the pleasanton mall to get the photos done but thankfully our local mall DOES have Santa & my goodness he was is so so very nice! So a couple weeks ago we were wondering the mall & we noticed he was already there, Kayden was definitely not dressed to go see Santa nor was he in that great of a mood so we held off but we stopped just so Kayden could see him & say hi since there was no line. Kayden saw him & my oh so rambunctious boy stopped dead in his tracks, Santa waved hi, Santa smiled & tried to talk to him still nothing he didn't move an inch! Santa even noticed Kayden was stunned. We told Santa we'd be back in a couple weeks. This experience kind of prepared me in the visit that would come soon since not moving isn't really Kayden's nature I knew he'd be even less than thrilled to sit in his lap.

So Greg & I agreed before we went to Disneyland we'd take Kayden to take his Santa pictures. The week came & so did Monday night I got Kayden all dressed up, we watched Santa movies all weekend & Kayden loved them & even said Santa in his own words at one point. We loaded in the car once Greg got home & headed to the mall, Kayden yelled most of the way even with his snack in his hand & a full belly from dinner. We got to Santas seat picked our photo package & Greg placed Kayden on Santa's lap & he SCREAMED! & started to Shake I think even Santa got scared so I went to pick Kayden up we stepped to the side to let some dogs take their Santa photos Kayden of course loved & was thrilled to see the dogs with Santa he ran around the area for a bit then we tried again, He didn't scream but he did start to cry but thankfully the Lady snapped the photo before it got really bad.


I said to Santa maybe next year will be a little better since he'll understand it more & he said "don't count on it." Poor Santa such a nice guy that has kids crying on him all day... I hope he gets paid well 'Tis the Season.

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  1. Awww..the picture doesn't look that bad. All the pictures of the kids crying with Santa crack me up. He is kinda intimidating though! Especially for such littles!