Christmas Photo Fun

You know I'm all about planning everything & photoshoots are one of my specialties not only was I in front of the camera a lot in past years but I loved being behind the camera I love taking photos & I consider myself fairly good at it, so for this year I thought we should just stick with doing our own Christmas photos. I thought I had it all planned out from the colors, navy, cream, green & gold. I thought I had all of our outfits planned out perfectly & I also thought we'd do at least one family photo for our Christmas card.... so I thought.

Nothing ever seems to go as planned I should know this by now to just go with the flow, the day before everything was great all the clothes looked great together & colors bounced off each other well. Saturday came & we started to get ready my hair was some what cooperating enough for me to be in a couple shots & my outfit was perfect, my pants I hadn't worn since a year before having Kayden even fit! I was shocked but then Greg tried on his shirt he always says he isn't loosing weight but this proved to be wrong since the shirt was swimming on him & his hair was longer than we thought with no barber being open at 7am & none of Greg's other shirts working we decided to just go with Kayden being the star of the Christmas card & focus on taking photos of him I think it turned out great & he looked so handsome!




The hardest part was picking a card to go with I chose one from {not sure if I'll go with minted next year though} I love these photos of Kayden they turned out so good & capture his sweet little personality perfectly! 

And as for minted I hate to say it but I wasn't that impressed with their card quality for all of the hype this year on their cards. I thought they'd show up having a different finish & fedex was horrible at updating the delivery status on them.

 photo glitterxomariesignature_zpsd53074b6.png


  1. The picture you chose was my favorite!!! LOL He looks so handsome and so much like a big boy! Great card!

    1. I know I was thinking that I can't believe he is growing so fast!

  2. omg. such a cute baby!! I love the Christmas card!!

  3. Absolutely adorable! Love your card. Stopping by from Faith's link-up :)

  4. He is too cute!! And what a cute card. So fun!

    Thanks for joining in the fun. I hope you have a very Merry CHRISTmas!

  5. Thanks for sharing your Christmas card. Found your blog thru the card link-up.

    Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!!!!

  6. Now that it's post-Christmas I have time to catch up on this carousel :)

    I love the green and brown theme of your card. Very pretty.

    I hope you had a very Merry Christmas!