It's Rude to Stare

"I'm straving hunny! What should we eat for lunch?" "Do you want Cheesecake Factory since you were going to have it today anyway?" "Sure lets go to the mall." Pretty standard Saturday conversation as they go for a married couple driving around with their son in the back seat who is refusing his car nap.

Kayden hates taking his naps but he really hates taking on in the car so we decided to go to the mall & eat some lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, I figured the wait would be pretty long since it is the season for long waits but to our surprise 10 to 15 mins was nothing we decided we'd wait it out. As we did Kayden got more & more restless & started crying I gave him his cup of milk & it did the trick for a little while till he was over that idea. "I don't want my milk, I don't want my pacifier & I don't want to held!" I'm pretty sure this is what Kayden would have told me if he could talk in full sentences this Saturday while we waited to be seated.

I knew he was on the tired side from not napping & I also knew he was probably pretty hungry also. So we waited the longer we waited the more upset he Gotland course Greg & I tried all our tricks holding him to calm him down didn't even work, he was DONE! As the more upset he got the more people came in, ya gotta love people who don't know you or what's it's like to have a baby right?

Kayden screamed & kicked & screamed & kicked some more. Nothing satisfied him & it was way too cold to take him outside to "cool down". 10 minutes passed probably even more seating got out of wack on the hostesses end a couple times I noticed so I didn't expect it'd be 15 minutes either more like 20 & to wait 20 minutes with a upset toddler cane take FOREVER. More minutes equaled to more people & more of an upset Kayden. He relaxed for a second but it didn't last long & then walked in the judging eyes, you know the ones they stop & stare at you like "fix your child please" as if they know the cure all to your pissed of toddler, when in the end they don't but they sure know how to piss this mom off.

In she walked Miss Stuck Up Pleasanton California MOM of the year, you know the one she no doubt had a nanny raising her 16 year old daughter & has a tutor come to the house every week to make sure her little angel can speak that French & get into the best college. She heard Kayden & decided the appropriate reaction would be to look me up & down & give me & my husband a dirty look & mentally think, "shut your kid up." So I looked her up & down & looked at her daughter who looked like she would rather be anywhere than where she was as the moment, she would rather be with the friends she was anxiously texting I'm sure. Greg noticed the look too it also pissed him off, Marie without a child would have said, "do you have a staring problem, cause you are being rude." But I shut my mouth for her sake & Kaydens since I knew it would fix her or Kayden being upset. FINALLY our buzzer went off & we were seated. Kayden got even more upset when he was in his seat. A busses came to the table & said "what can I do to help?" Thank you someone with some brains! Bananas & bread please!

I wish I could say the rude looks stopped at the hotness desk but they didn't they continued with the two older women across from us while we waited for Kayden bananas and bread. One of them didn't seem to care Kayden was fussing, she must have grandchildren or totally understood. But the other one the one who reminded me of someone I know had a problem with it & decided to say with her lips that I read so well, "she needs to spank that kid." Hmmm spank my kid? Really... He is screaming & sparking him would fix this issue? Since when? As I've seen once you spank a child they seem to cry & scream more. No thanks oh so much wiser & older person I'm his mom, I think I got this one covered. Thank god for the busses boy! Seriously him & our waiter were the saving grace at lunch Kayden got his bananas & was happy in the end.

I've learned so much from Kayden over his year & half of life & with all this time he has really taught me how judging people can be your looks & rude remarks don't help & if I could teach all of those people one thing only I'd teach them something their parents obviously didn't & it is that it's rude to stare.
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  1. How frustrating! I think you handled the situation really week!

  2. I just don't get some people. I learned this super quick when I was teaching preschool and now I have a whole new perspective of a crying child. I'm glad the servers were helpful :)

  3. You are right, it is so rude. I sometimes (sadly, I am going to kick myself for saying this) don't want to take Max out in public bc he is a kid and he has tantrums and the way PEOPLE look at me when this happens is ridiculous. When other people's kids throw fits it doesnt bother me one bit. It happens. I want to say "STOP STARING AT ME!!!!!" haha