The Most Memorable of 2014

This is it 2014 is really almost over and what a year it has been. Many ups and some not so great lows that are still bugging me. Memeories I want to take and things that I hope to leave here in what will soon be the past
2014 over all was a great year and one I won't ever forget, there were so many memorable moments that are shaping my future and that will follow me into 2015 and I get to highlight all of the best moments of 2014 in this post!

No particular order {cause it better that way right?}

The launching of my wedding & event planning business
Littles 'n Lace Events.
I mean really pinch me I must be dreaming! But I'm not & I made it happen.

Nicole & Mike became Mr. & Mrs.! One of the best moments EVER!

Kayden's 2nd Birthday. I mean clearly his first was special but there was just something about this one him knowing it was all for him and everyone came to celebrate him made it so special. 

                                                                                                             Launching the Littles 'n Lace Events website. 
This one wasn't easy & I spent so much time on trying to make it perfect when I 
finally got it to the way I liked it and hit publish, it was worth it.

Greg getting a new job. This one was so needed for the sanity of my husband and our family he loves what he does now and I can tell every day                                 he comes home. It's a great feeling.                                                                      

    I got in shape with the 21 day fix and lost the weight I wanted to. I                                                     may have gained some of it back cause of the holidays BUT 
                                           I'm getting back on track now :)

We finished our living and master rooms in our house and it's now really starting to feel like a home. Weird how it can take awhile to feel like you are at home in your own house.

My car got paid off! THANK GOD, it may not have been a huge burden 
                                     but it did feel like one and now its gone!

  Busted my ass and got my wedding and event planning certificate from                                              the schooling I did, it was one of my goals and at one point I got down on
                                             myself cause of everything else that was going on. 
                                         I stopped sulking and finished what I started.

 Our Tahoe trip made a great end to the year, it may not have been some                                                   extravagant vacation but it was one that was one of the bests in the                                           snow with our friends making a snowman.

Hope you enjoyed our review of 2014. Cheers to 2015!

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Our First Christmas with Bubbles the Elf

Good 'ol Elf on the shelf, This was our first year with our Elf Bubbles and it went great. Kayden loved it & kind of understood it {minus the don't touch the elf thing} & there was only one time his puzzled little face questioned the Elfs magic...he made Elf doughnuts.

Before Kayden was even born I knew I wanted to have Elf on the Shelf in our house. I know I know some don't like it and think it is "creepy" but contrary to popular believe our elf was polite {for the most part and the creepy factor only happened once when he was taped on our kitchen wall. {I had to take him down for that one} Believe me, there are so many "naughty" things our elf Bubbles could have done but lets face it our kids are watching what that elf is doing and the elf sets the example and once the elf is gone won't our kids remember what the elf did? {I know mine will eve at two}

I had Bubbles calendar all filled out for him what he would do each night while Kayden slept. I had one idea and I like to call it "the tee peeing of the Christmas tree" Kayden would have thought 
it was hilarious, so once I got to the day on the elf calendar I realized it was a bad idea. I pictured it perfectly... Kayden sneaking into the bathroom grabbing a roll of toilet paper and tee peeing the fake plant in our living room. So that idea was totally scratched and I said no to the elf doing naughty things. So here it is our Bubbles the elf visit...

{Morning Breakfast}

{Zip lining in style across the dining room}


{It's hard making new friends & it's awkward having an elf taped to your kitchen wall}
{Since he was busy he had to write Santa a note}

{the questionable doughnuts}


{We forgot Bubbles when we went on our trip to Tahoe but he didn't forget Kayden}

{Even Bubbles had some snow fun}

{Stories around the campfire}

{Kayden and Bubbles got a 24hr bug}

{Bubbles in a marshmallow bath}

{Snowball fight with Buzz}

{coloring elves}

{Everyone has to go to the bathroom right?}

{Hi I'm Olaf!}

{countdown to Christmas}

{Elf cupcakes straight from the north pole}

{Racing to the finish line with his new friends}

{lifting weights and it looks like no one was spotting him}

{Sledding down the banister}
{Last day treasure  hunt}

{Kayden LOVED the treasure hunt he was running around saying. "Look I found my treasure!"}

{On top of the treasure we had a new friend arrive Brownie, Bubbles sidekick and ride home}

{And then it was time to say goodbye}

I hope you enjoyed our elf, I know we did! 

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