Goal Setting for 2014

Wait, its half way through January and I'm just now getting around to posting my goals for the New Year? YEP! I mean it is my blog and my goals so I guess I can do that. This year I did it a little bit differently I combined two ideas of goal setting and made it into one my inspiration for this was Lara Casey and Emily Ley. Lara did the same last year but I found out about it a little too late like July late. Emily broke it down in a way I never thought of before, life priorities... obviously I know I have them but they made it into my goals this year. 

I picked my bits and pieces I liked in the two series and combined them my first step was something I've never done before and that was picking a core word for 2014. 

My 2014 core word is...SIMPLIFY 

what is it to Simplify? 

For me it's an uncluttered mind. I really need to prioritize this year, prioritize the things that are most important to me and get rid of the things that aren't.  So in 2014 I'm going to eliminate the stress, the clutter and simplify our lives as a family so I can focus on my priorities. We all have priorities every day and below I listed mine the ones that are the most important to me. 
  • Kayden {he is always my number one}
  • Keeping a clean house {above is why it isn't very fun! who would rather clean than play with their kid? Not me.} 
  • Making Dinner every night {the more I do this the more time we get to spend with Greg and the more money we save by not going out} 
  • Spending time with Greg and us as a family when he gets home. 

The next step was easy finding the time suckers, we all have them it's the things that take time away from your priorities. My biggest time suckers are...

  • My phone - I've recently turned off all notifications on my phone because I know that when I saw them it made me want to check my phone and I then got sucked into looking at my phone. Greg and I call it the refrigerator concept, I'm hungry I'll go check the fridge... Nothing is in it I'll check it again in 5 minutes still nothing new...  You see what I mean, so in simplifying our lives I want less electronics time. Appropriate times for looking at them would be nap time, work time, or before bed. Unless someone is calling & I need to pick up.

  • iPad games - I already deleted them all but they were time suckers during nap time I'd sit & play them when I should have been doing things I actually really do enjoy like reading, writing or cleaning the house. 
  • The Office - I don't see it but I know it there it really shouldn't be called the office it should be called the junk room cause that’s what it is a pile of junk or things we don't use that we have no clue what to do with. I already got rid of one of the things in there and that was the desk because it wasn't really a desk anymore it was a place that was cluttered. I'd really like to get this room organized however that may be. I only consider this a time sucker because I'm always thinking about it. 

One of the things I really loved from Lara Casey's goal setting was the vision broad it could be anything that you want your new year to look like I'm all about words so I made my board with words instead of photos. Words that inspire me of the things I want in the New Year.

Some of my key goals this year are...
  • Be a better mama and wife || I'm not a horrible mom or wife but I believe there is always room for improvement in this department. 
  • More dates || more dates with Greg and more dates with Kayden, I'd like to go on a date with Greg at least once a month so far so good. And go to super franks or something fun with Kayden also once a month whether it be with the other moms or just he and I. 
  • See my friends more || I don't really live that far away but I want to make more of an effort this year to see my friends since I've missed out on some things last year. 
  • Go back to school || not sure at what point this year I'll be doing this but I know it will happen before the new year is over. 
  • Be present || this is all about not using our phones during family time or during the day I've been doing great with this and so has Greg. 

  • Shop less, save more || I think we are doing really good with this one we've had less trips to target this year already and if we go we only get what we need or use coupons.
  • Build a brand || I want to build my wedding planning business once the schooling has ended I know this will be easier since I'll know the business up keep of it all, I already know how to plan a wedding I just need to know the behind the scenes part of it. 
  • Be healthy || last year it was to lose the baby weight this year I just want to maintain and stay healthy for myself and for my family.  

I think 2013 was one of our biggest learning experiences, it was the first year we owned our house for a full year, it was the first year we had a baby learning so many new things and it was the first year without me working or having an real income coming in. In 2014 not much will change on the income coming in but I want to slowly start taking steps to change that.

I want to start going back to school to become a wedding planner so once our kids are in school and I'm at home thinking what the heck am I going to do now? It really won't be a question because I'll have the answer; I'll be a wedding planner and have my own business doing that! Sounds bold? Well I mean it! Now I just need to find the perfect online line courses to get this accomplished. I'm excited for 2014 I know it will be new beginnings and new experiences like every year but this year I think will be an even bigger one than last year and who knows we might even add a new baby to the mix. 

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Family-room Makeover Completion

When we were in the search for our first house in 2012 a front formal room wasn't one of the things that was on the top of our need/want list but somehow we ended up with one and it ended up being the second room we focused on finishing. Who would have thought a room I never thought I'd need ended up being a room that we use a lot for the holiday season. 

I know I've talked about this room before on the blog but it has now finally be completed we got the last missing piece this last weekend and I couldn't be happier with how the room has turned out. 
{The room before we moved in & made it our own, it was like this for half of 2012}
{The missing piece... our new chair}

This chair had been on my mind since the moment I saw it a year ago and Greg was never really that impressed with it until it went on sale we got the very last one it was 50% off with an additional 20% I honestly thought I'd never get it but it paid to wait! :) 

I love how it turned out it feels so complete now that the chair is in there. Getting and redesigning the rooms in a four bedroom 2 bath home isn't easy or cheap! I've learned to be a bit more patient when it comes to redoing our rooms in this house. The next room to complete will be our master-bedroom and we will be having a huge construction zone going on in there soon, there will be more about that on the blog later! 

Sofas || Cost Plus World Market {On Sale}
4 Tier Frame || Cost Plus World Market {On Sale}
Accent Chair || Cost Plus World Market {No longer available online}
Hanging Tealight Lantern || Pier One
Coffee Table || Ikea
Side Table || Ikea
Curtains || Ikea
Accent Pillows || Ikea

Avilee's first Birthday Party!

Jenna had told me earlier that week to get my Minnie Mouse ears ready for Avilee's first birthday party since all of the girls would be wearing them. I looked everywhere for mine and couldn't find them anywhere, thank god for Etsy! I found the perfect pair made by Christina over at Glitzy Vault! They showed up just in time for the party on Saturday. 
{On our way to the Party}

We had a great time at the party, my parents even got to come and I was so happy they did. Jenna's family is always asking how they are doing and how they want to see them. It was also nice to have my mom help me chase Kayden around the house 

{He also got to hangout with Mia and steal her chips, she didn't seem to mind}
{Avilee opening her present from us the expression on her face was so cute}

This photo will go down as one of my favorites for the rest of my life. I know I've said it before but I'll say it again, I can't believe we both are grown up now and have our own babies. 
My dad and Jenna's dad Carl {or as I like to call dad #2} were standing at the warehouse door reminiscing of when we were little and met in kindergarten, we've been through so much but through all of those years one thing has always remained the same we were always friends and I hope Kayden and Avilee have that. 
{the ones I'm wearing inspired by Cinderella}
Remember those ears I mentioned well Christina is offering 5dollars off to all of my readers just use discount code BLOG5, the code is active until February 8th. If you are interested  in a custom pair, you can mention my blog or this coupon code when  you message her (as long as it's before February 8th). 

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Mom's Zucchini Bread Recipe

At this point California would be in the much more wintry stages of the year but since mother nature is really never predictable but my stomach is naturally I'm starting to crave my moms famous {in my opinion} Zucchini Bread. I love making it & now I'm bringing it from my moms kitchen & mine straight to yours!

Servings: 2 loafs 


3 eggs 
1 cup of vegetable oil
2 cups of Sugar
2 cups of  Shredded Zucchini 
2 teaspoons of Vanilla extract 
3 cups of flour 
1 teaspoon of baking soda 
1 teaspoon of salt 
3 teaspoons of cinnamon 
1/4 teaspoon of baking powder 

First shred the Zucchini in a separate bowl my zucchinis were on the smaller side & I used 4. 
Mix the first 5 ingredients in mixing bowl once mixed together then add the next 5 ingredients & mix them together. Lightly grease your bread pans & pour the mixture in. 
Cook at 325* for 50 to 60 minutes. 

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Congrats! Engagement Gift Basket

I said I was a planner right? I'm pretty sure I have, it is still my dream to become a wedding planner and if you follow my Pinterest I'm sure thought I was crazy since August, because I've been pinning wedding ideas like crazy and now you know it was all for my SIL Nicole. {she didn't have Pinterest so she never saw what I was up to.} I'm excited to act as her wedding planner whenever she needs my help I'm going to be right there & hopefully with an answer or solution.

As an engagement gift I wanted to help make her life and Mikes {let's face it guys aren't into this part that much} easier there are so many new things to plan a wedding then there was in 2008 when I got married. It's only been 5 year since that but since then they have so many more venues, invitations, and websites to help you envision your wedding day and if you don't know about any of it planning your wedding might seem a bit harder to do so. I put all of it in to one basket & if I ever become a wedding planner I'm pretty sure I'd do something similar for my clients.

Basket - Micheal's
Candle - Erin Condren
Pen - Target
Magazines - Brides, The Knot & The Wedding Star {all found at Target}
Wedding Planner Binder - Emily Ley {all wedding planner binders are on sale now or discontinued}

I knew exactly what wedding planner binder I'd get for Nicole once I figured out what I wanted to do for her. It was an easy choice I love Emily Ley products so I went with her binder & was

             {Simplified Wedding Planner Binder}

Binder divider tabs were purchased also on the Emily Ley website & also on sale the set includes: Logistics, Attire, Bridal Party, Ceremony, Reception, Photography, Flowers and Paper Goods

Included & made myself the top inspirational websites for planning a wedding, the top wedding registry stores, a budget worksheet which was printed at the Emily Ley shop & they are FREE Printables & I also combined the best wedding month to month checklists to make a perfect up to date one. {to me the ones out there are a bit outdated} Also included but not pictured are seating chart, wedding vows & I made a list of all the local wedding venues in the bay area that they can chose from broken down by city.
I wanted to make the process of making this wedding easier for her than is was for me I cut out the things that weren't really necessary in the binder I had & focused on the things that I used constantly. If you are planning a wedding or know someone who is I highly suggest getting a planner or buying it for someone as a gift it is the hub for all your planning.

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