Avilee's first Birthday Party!

Jenna had told me earlier that week to get my Minnie Mouse ears ready for Avilee's first birthday party since all of the girls would be wearing them. I looked everywhere for mine and couldn't find them anywhere, thank god for Etsy! I found the perfect pair made by Christina over at Glitzy Vault! They showed up just in time for the party on Saturday. 
{On our way to the Party}

We had a great time at the party, my parents even got to come and I was so happy they did. Jenna's family is always asking how they are doing and how they want to see them. It was also nice to have my mom help me chase Kayden around the house 

{He also got to hangout with Mia and steal her chips, she didn't seem to mind}
{Avilee opening her present from us the expression on her face was so cute}

This photo will go down as one of my favorites for the rest of my life. I know I've said it before but I'll say it again, I can't believe we both are grown up now and have our own babies. 
My dad and Jenna's dad Carl {or as I like to call dad #2} were standing at the warehouse door reminiscing of when we were little and met in kindergarten, we've been through so much but through all of those years one thing has always remained the same we were always friends and I hope Kayden and Avilee have that. 
{the ones I'm wearing inspired by Cinderella}
Remember those ears I mentioned well Christina is offering 5dollars off to all of my readers just use discount code BLOG5, the code is active until February 8th. If you are interested  in a custom pair, you can mention my blog or this coupon code when  you message her (as long as it's before February 8th). 

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  1. I wish we had gotten a picture of all of us girls together with the kids! Boo...next time =)