Congrats! Engagement Gift Basket

I said I was a planner right? I'm pretty sure I have, it is still my dream to become a wedding planner and if you follow my Pinterest I'm sure thought I was crazy since August, because I've been pinning wedding ideas like crazy and now you know it was all for my SIL Nicole. {she didn't have Pinterest so she never saw what I was up to.} I'm excited to act as her wedding planner whenever she needs my help I'm going to be right there & hopefully with an answer or solution.

As an engagement gift I wanted to help make her life and Mikes {let's face it guys aren't into this part that much} easier there are so many new things to plan a wedding then there was in 2008 when I got married. It's only been 5 year since that but since then they have so many more venues, invitations, and websites to help you envision your wedding day and if you don't know about any of it planning your wedding might seem a bit harder to do so. I put all of it in to one basket & if I ever become a wedding planner I'm pretty sure I'd do something similar for my clients.

Basket - Micheal's
Candle - Erin Condren
Pen - Target
Magazines - Brides, The Knot & The Wedding Star {all found at Target}
Wedding Planner Binder - Emily Ley {all wedding planner binders are on sale now or discontinued}

I knew exactly what wedding planner binder I'd get for Nicole once I figured out what I wanted to do for her. It was an easy choice I love Emily Ley products so I went with her binder & was

             {Simplified Wedding Planner Binder}

Binder divider tabs were purchased also on the Emily Ley website & also on sale the set includes: Logistics, Attire, Bridal Party, Ceremony, Reception, Photography, Flowers and Paper Goods

Included & made myself the top inspirational websites for planning a wedding, the top wedding registry stores, a budget worksheet which was printed at the Emily Ley shop & they are FREE Printables & I also combined the best wedding month to month checklists to make a perfect up to date one. {to me the ones out there are a bit outdated} Also included but not pictured are seating chart, wedding vows & I made a list of all the local wedding venues in the bay area that they can chose from broken down by city.
I wanted to make the process of making this wedding easier for her than is was for me I cut out the things that weren't really necessary in the binder I had & focused on the things that I used constantly. If you are planning a wedding or know someone who is I highly suggest getting a planner or buying it for someone as a gift it is the hub for all your planning.

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  1. Such a great idea! Seriously this would have been so helpful when I was planning and that was 2 years ago! Ah I just love wedding planning!

    Xo, Brooke