Can she really do it ALL?...

The past month I had been doing some serious shopping and not my normal round abouts to my favorite stores for myself, I'm talking the dream making shopping. The shopping that will slowly change our lives some good ol fashion school shopping. Thats right I had been shopping for the perfect wedding and event planning school and I found one that caught my eye from the get go, but once I saw all of the courses I started asking myself...

Can I really do it all?

I'm constantly asking myself this question now, my mind has been on one major thing lately and that is having a job. And I'm not talking going back to retail, god knows I couldn't stand that more than I already had... retail is really a post within it self. I'm talking about a life long career, the career I've always wanted to do, and the career I'm most passionate about. Kayden and if we have another little one someday won't always we at home and once the house is spotless every week what will I be doing when they are at school and the husband is at work? I did want the answer to be sitting on the couch or shopping or nothing at all. I wanted my answer to be working and  my business.

Can I really do it all? Am I really ready to do it all? Teach Kayden new things, take him to new places, clean the house everyday, put food on the table, blog when I want to, throw another little bundle of joy in the mix, give Greg the love & attention he deserves when he comes home, take online courses & plan weddings. It sounds like a lot for one person to take on but I honestly think I can and I know taking the littlest step of signing up for classes has already stated to change our future. I promised myself in 2014 I'd really start this journey to becoming a wedding planner, and I believe I can do it I've already planned my own wedding and I've already stared helping my SIL Nicole plan hers. We are so close to be being almost done with planning her whole wedding.

I've always been passionate about weddings and events and planning anything in general.
I considered just taking the leap with absolutely no schooling but I think I'd be missing out on the behind the scenes business that no one but myself will be dealing with. How to find a vendor? What questions should you ask the bride and groom before you take them on as clients? Where am I going to get chairs when someone backs out last minute?
I've already jumped into my studying and have two units almost done. At the end of the day some things jump into the priority for the day and reading the books take the back seat but I can do it and I already am. Food is still on the table, Kayden is still my happy little boy learning new things and my husband is still coming home happy to see us and spend time with us. It's only been a week since I really started the journey to get my IEWP certification and I'm only 5 more units away, I've started the process and I think I even have the name it isn't going to be easy but nothing worth it ever is.
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Is the day really almost over?

This day has just flown bye and today was really our Monday since Greg was off for Presidents Day. It was nice to have a 3 day weekend and it was filled to the brim with things to do.

Friday night I had planned a little dinner for me and my boys at home. The plan was meatloaf, but once I saw Greg had a hamburger for lunch I knew meatloaf for dinner was out... I guess that's why you don't surprise your husband with dinner. Greg got off earlier than expected but I rushed upstairs with Kayden got all pretty and got us two dressed.
Greg was surprised to see us looking so dressed up so we went to one of your favorite Chinese restaurants golden chopsticks. The food was delicious and Kayden proved it by eating everything we put in front of him including the broccoli!

Saturday was my nephew Little Greg's birthday party at my brothers. Before we got to my brothers we went to bass pro shops and Kayden loves that store and seeing all of the animals he even got to pet a bear and I got to share a moon pie with my hubby. The whole family was there at my brothers and it was so good to be there celebrating my nephew, I still remember the day he was born and I couldn't believe he was going to be turning 16 the next day. After celebrating all day and Kayden having a blast with everyone we packed up to head home but took little Gregory with us since he wanted to spend the night and hangout with Kayden more. 

We got home and finally my school courses had arrived in the mail! They were nicely waiting at the door step and the package was a lot heavy then I thought it would be. After looking through most of the books and CDs I stopped myself to just enjoy the time with my family and watch the great and powerful Oz, Kayden loved the little monkey in it. Since Kayden was so tired and he didn't take a second nap he headed off to bed early, the Greg's went to the gym. I went to bed after falling asleep reading the first booklet of many that I have to read. 

The next morning we got ready to spend the day celebrating little Gregory some more. We took him to breakfast at IHOP it hit the spot for a yummy breakfast. We did a Target run after eating and then went home to give Kayden a nap and so the hubby could was the car. I studied and little Greg watch a movie and enjoyed the new phone we got him. Kayden was so sad when we dropped his cousin back off at home I felt bad but didn't want to take his whole birthday up. At 2 I finally had my hair appointment, Greg, his mom and Kayden went wondering around the mall while I got my hair done. Kayden played in the germ pit and played at pottery barn kids. He even got his feet checked.

{sitting with me while Nancy finished my hair, was so excited to be sitting in the chair with me.}

On Monday we enjoyed some morning coffee and went to Home goods and Michael's , Kayden got a really cool tiger and passed out with him on the way to lunch in Pleasanton at Cafe Main. 

Once we got home we went for a walk to the park and enjoyed looking at bugs along the walk way that wraps around the whole park. Kayden loves looking at bugs.


Kayden had such a good weekend there wasn't a dull moment and he was smiling the whole time.

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High Five it's Valentine's Day Friday!

Valentines Day is officially here! And I'm happy it is cause I'm getting sick of waiting for it I have so much planned for tonight with Kayden and Greg I'm excited.

1. So first things first seriously look at my little Valentine! I just can't get over how fast he's grown and what a big boy he's growing to be.

2. This morning Greg and I made the little guy some pancakes in shape of hearts which I'm sure everyone else did too. Kayden ate them up and I think the sprinkles inside of them helped.

3. I got Greg two cards this year one I've had for two years. Sounds weird but I found it and I couldn't help but buy it when I saw it so I've saved it and then I found the perfect card about my hubby and my love for his butt! Over share? Maybe but it's true he's got a nice butt.

4. I honestly wasn't expecting anything for Greg and Kayden but a card but the two of them surprised me and got me the handbag I wanted and some sees assorted chocolates! You did good hubby and Kayden.

5. Drum roll the winner of the Olive Yew Necklace giveaway is..... Rebecca Orbegoso! Crazy and it totally drew her at random. I'm starting to wonder if the less entries you have the more likely you are to win. Congrats Becca enjoy your necklace!

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My top 14 Favorite movies about LOVE

Valentines is only a day away and whether you are spending it with your loved one or your best girlfriends it's nice to just relax at home and have a movie night. 
I love movies and if you looked at mine and Greg's movie collection you'd be able to tell. So I thought It would be fun to bring to you the list of my favorite romantic movies to watch for valentines day or any other day you need a good laugh or cry. 








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The latest from Kayden

Well hello picky toddler! Ugh what happened to my little buttercup that would eat anything I put on his plate? Chicken nuggets, peanut butter & Mac and cheese isn't a full balance of nutrition. I really hope this is a phase like I've read it is every where.
{trying on my boots}
I've officially considered you a toddler this month just the way you act and play you seem to be growing so fast. Your vocabulary is starting to get larger and I know you are learning new things everyday your newest word you like to say is backpack and poo poo is one you've been saying a lot lately. Yellow, blue, belly button are some more words you've been saying these past couple days.
{it's like your nose is your new finger holder}
Speaking of poo poo, these past two weeks Frenchie has been acting out I'm pretty sure she does this when she is mad at us for some reason, she has been pooping over by the dining room table when normally she would ask to be let out or asked to go on her potty pad well last Tuesday she didn't ask for either and decided going to the bathroom in the corner next to the table would be better. Ugh not so good at all, Kayden has seen us clean up her poop many times and explain when she is a bad dog. So as I was washing the dishes last week Kayden was playing nicely in the living room when all of a sudden his attention went to the dining room he quickly ran in there and within seconds later he ran out into the kitchen to the towels located in a lower cupboard I thought aww how cute he is copying me and dusting the saris and floor like he did the previous week. I WAS WRONG! As my dish washing and kitchen cleaning was ending I noticed Kayden hadn't resurfaced and was really quiet I thought myself I wonder if he pulled off the wreath on the table so I end tin to check and there was Frenchie poop all over the floor, all over the base boards and well all over that little towel and Kaydens shirt. Not so funny seeing it or cleaning it up but now looking back I have to laugh since he was just trying to clean it up. Poor guy was only trying to help his mama.

On a much cleaner note, you love to color in your coloring books. I love it everything you do I think is cute but when I see you laying on the floor kicking your legs in the air behind you coloring it puts the biggest smile on my face. And I don't know how you picked up on it but you hold a crayon perfectly!

Looks like you are a righty and not a lefty.
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Candidly a Wekend update

This weekend was really nice and relaxing, on Saturday we spent some time hanging out at home drinking Starbucks and playing games with Kayden. I tried not to do any cleaning except for the normal amount. Saturday was a really rainy day which is exactly what California needed and it looks the rain will keep coming this week. All day I kept asking Kayden if he would be a good boy for daddy on Sunday, I was really nervous for how it would go since he's never been with just Greg since he was 8 months old.

On Sunday Greg and Kayden had planned on running errands which I went to the bridal fair with Nicole and her friends. It was the first time I went somewhere and didn't have my little man in toe. People actually had conversations with me ;) but all joking aside it was a great day and it made me even more excited to be a wedding planner professionally. There was a giveaway for a trip to Vegas for two and Nicole and her friend Kim were two of the lucky ladies that won! The day was extremely successful at the end of the day we had a date and location picked for Nicole and Mikes wedding and maybe even a potential photographer, I stress the maybe on the photographer cause I need to do my research! Greg and Kaydens day didn't go as smooth... Once I left the car key den cried the whole time and asked for mama repeatedly until they reached the mall and played in the play area. Poor little guy and dad but other than the constant crying for me in the car he did okay.  

The wedding is 8 and a half months away and we got some serious planning to do dresses, flowers and photographers oh my! I'm anticipating really busy weeks and weekends ahead.

Don't forget to enter for your chance to win  necklace from Olive Yew Jewelry here.
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My cleaning rant, because I'm in a vortex of cleaning.

For someone like myself who loves to stay organized and can't stand clutter I sure do despise cleaning. Hi I'm Marie, I'm a SAHM and I hate vacuuming, mopping, and doing the laundry! Seriously it happens every week for the past almost 9 years of my life and I hate doing it. Now I realize being a Wife, a SAHM and well a grown up you kind of sign up for these things bills and cleaning are the norm for those of us who "have our shit together" per say but just because I'm all of those things doesn't mean I enjoy cleaning. As a matter of fact I think it's the cleaning that stresses me out more than anything because as I'm cleaning I know the moment that sock is picked up and put in the hamper where it is suppose to be, by 6:15 there will be two more and towel lying in its spot from my husband who well just seems to forget where the hamper is.

Greg loves to leave his clothes lying all over the master bathroom floor. He still owes me $50 bucks because he said he was 100% sure he picked them all up that morning and put them in the hamper which I knew for a fact he did not. When we got home the first thing he did was run upstairs to "prove me wrong" long story short he did not and I won the 50. I love him so much but I think he does it just to push a button sometimes.

I'm pretty sure I learned my OCD cleaning habits from my mom we hate clutter and right after we are done doing what ever it was that made the mess we have to clean it up. At the end of the day I like going to bed knowing all of the toys are neatly put away, all of the crayons are off of the floor and the kitchen has absolutely nothing but the normal stuff on its counters... I sound crazy about cleaning and I kinda am. Another annoyance of mine is mopping I don't think I'd mind it as much if our entire bottom floor wasn't tile but it is and it isn't easy to get it clean especially with a toddler who likes to throw his food on the floor, Frenchie can be a good vacuum but mop she is not!

On Sunday it's laundry day in our house, I do all of the laundry once a week and I get it all started at Kaydens nap time, wash, dry, fold, repeat...
Laundry NEVER ends.
More times than I'd like to admit I've left the pile of laundry waiting in the basket for days, sometimes two weeks even, don't lie you know you've done it too. There is nothing I hate more that hanging up my clothes, I love clothes but I despise putting that laundry away every week tedious and boring... even with music on while I'm hanging them up.

Chores in life are always constant and I'm sure you don't catch a break unless you make yourself take one for a couple weeks. After though you always realize you shouldn't have let it get this bad. Moral of the story is as much as a clean freak I am I hate it. Can we all just keep the house perfectly clean forever every day for the rest of our lives cause this mama is sick of cleaning up the mess. Thanks for hearing my cleaning rant, now back to cleaning... Kayden is napping.

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