Can she really do it ALL?...

The past month I had been doing some serious shopping and not my normal round abouts to my favorite stores for myself, I'm talking the dream making shopping. The shopping that will slowly change our lives some good ol fashion school shopping. Thats right I had been shopping for the perfect wedding and event planning school and I found one that caught my eye from the get go, but once I saw all of the courses I started asking myself...

Can I really do it all?

I'm constantly asking myself this question now, my mind has been on one major thing lately and that is having a job. And I'm not talking going back to retail, god knows I couldn't stand that more than I already had... retail is really a post within it self. I'm talking about a life long career, the career I've always wanted to do, and the career I'm most passionate about. Kayden and if we have another little one someday won't always we at home and once the house is spotless every week what will I be doing when they are at school and the husband is at work? I did want the answer to be sitting on the couch or shopping or nothing at all. I wanted my answer to be working and  my business.

Can I really do it all? Am I really ready to do it all? Teach Kayden new things, take him to new places, clean the house everyday, put food on the table, blog when I want to, throw another little bundle of joy in the mix, give Greg the love & attention he deserves when he comes home, take online courses & plan weddings. It sounds like a lot for one person to take on but I honestly think I can and I know taking the littlest step of signing up for classes has already stated to change our future. I promised myself in 2014 I'd really start this journey to becoming a wedding planner, and I believe I can do it I've already planned my own wedding and I've already stared helping my SIL Nicole plan hers. We are so close to be being almost done with planning her whole wedding.

I've always been passionate about weddings and events and planning anything in general.
I considered just taking the leap with absolutely no schooling but I think I'd be missing out on the behind the scenes business that no one but myself will be dealing with. How to find a vendor? What questions should you ask the bride and groom before you take them on as clients? Where am I going to get chairs when someone backs out last minute?
I've already jumped into my studying and have two units almost done. At the end of the day some things jump into the priority for the day and reading the books take the back seat but I can do it and I already am. Food is still on the table, Kayden is still my happy little boy learning new things and my husband is still coming home happy to see us and spend time with us. It's only been a week since I really started the journey to get my IEWP certification and I'm only 5 more units away, I've started the process and I think I even have the name it isn't going to be easy but nothing worth it ever is.
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  1. You are going to be great, there will be a learning curve juggling it all but you got this!!