Candidly a Wekend update

This weekend was really nice and relaxing, on Saturday we spent some time hanging out at home drinking Starbucks and playing games with Kayden. I tried not to do any cleaning except for the normal amount. Saturday was a really rainy day which is exactly what California needed and it looks the rain will keep coming this week. All day I kept asking Kayden if he would be a good boy for daddy on Sunday, I was really nervous for how it would go since he's never been with just Greg since he was 8 months old.

On Sunday Greg and Kayden had planned on running errands which I went to the bridal fair with Nicole and her friends. It was the first time I went somewhere and didn't have my little man in toe. People actually had conversations with me ;) but all joking aside it was a great day and it made me even more excited to be a wedding planner professionally. There was a giveaway for a trip to Vegas for two and Nicole and her friend Kim were two of the lucky ladies that won! The day was extremely successful at the end of the day we had a date and location picked for Nicole and Mikes wedding and maybe even a potential photographer, I stress the maybe on the photographer cause I need to do my research! Greg and Kaydens day didn't go as smooth... Once I left the car key den cried the whole time and asked for mama repeatedly until they reached the mall and played in the play area. Poor little guy and dad but other than the constant crying for me in the car he did okay.  

The wedding is 8 and a half months away and we got some serious planning to do dresses, flowers and photographers oh my! I'm anticipating really busy weeks and weekends ahead.

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