Is the day really almost over?

This day has just flown bye and today was really our Monday since Greg was off for Presidents Day. It was nice to have a 3 day weekend and it was filled to the brim with things to do.

Friday night I had planned a little dinner for me and my boys at home. The plan was meatloaf, but once I saw Greg had a hamburger for lunch I knew meatloaf for dinner was out... I guess that's why you don't surprise your husband with dinner. Greg got off earlier than expected but I rushed upstairs with Kayden got all pretty and got us two dressed.
Greg was surprised to see us looking so dressed up so we went to one of your favorite Chinese restaurants golden chopsticks. The food was delicious and Kayden proved it by eating everything we put in front of him including the broccoli!

Saturday was my nephew Little Greg's birthday party at my brothers. Before we got to my brothers we went to bass pro shops and Kayden loves that store and seeing all of the animals he even got to pet a bear and I got to share a moon pie with my hubby. The whole family was there at my brothers and it was so good to be there celebrating my nephew, I still remember the day he was born and I couldn't believe he was going to be turning 16 the next day. After celebrating all day and Kayden having a blast with everyone we packed up to head home but took little Gregory with us since he wanted to spend the night and hangout with Kayden more. 

We got home and finally my school courses had arrived in the mail! They were nicely waiting at the door step and the package was a lot heavy then I thought it would be. After looking through most of the books and CDs I stopped myself to just enjoy the time with my family and watch the great and powerful Oz, Kayden loved the little monkey in it. Since Kayden was so tired and he didn't take a second nap he headed off to bed early, the Greg's went to the gym. I went to bed after falling asleep reading the first booklet of many that I have to read. 

The next morning we got ready to spend the day celebrating little Gregory some more. We took him to breakfast at IHOP it hit the spot for a yummy breakfast. We did a Target run after eating and then went home to give Kayden a nap and so the hubby could was the car. I studied and little Greg watch a movie and enjoyed the new phone we got him. Kayden was so sad when we dropped his cousin back off at home I felt bad but didn't want to take his whole birthday up. At 2 I finally had my hair appointment, Greg, his mom and Kayden went wondering around the mall while I got my hair done. Kayden played in the germ pit and played at pottery barn kids. He even got his feet checked.

{sitting with me while Nancy finished my hair, was so excited to be sitting in the chair with me.}

On Monday we enjoyed some morning coffee and went to Home goods and Michael's , Kayden got a really cool tiger and passed out with him on the way to lunch in Pleasanton at Cafe Main. 

Once we got home we went for a walk to the park and enjoyed looking at bugs along the walk way that wraps around the whole park. Kayden loves looking at bugs.


Kayden had such a good weekend there wasn't a dull moment and he was smiling the whole time.

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  1. Love the outfits! That skirt is darling! Thinking maybe I could pull something off while being pregnant.