My cleaning rant, because I'm in a vortex of cleaning.

For someone like myself who loves to stay organized and can't stand clutter I sure do despise cleaning. Hi I'm Marie, I'm a SAHM and I hate vacuuming, mopping, and doing the laundry! Seriously it happens every week for the past almost 9 years of my life and I hate doing it. Now I realize being a Wife, a SAHM and well a grown up you kind of sign up for these things bills and cleaning are the norm for those of us who "have our shit together" per say but just because I'm all of those things doesn't mean I enjoy cleaning. As a matter of fact I think it's the cleaning that stresses me out more than anything because as I'm cleaning I know the moment that sock is picked up and put in the hamper where it is suppose to be, by 6:15 there will be two more and towel lying in its spot from my husband who well just seems to forget where the hamper is.

Greg loves to leave his clothes lying all over the master bathroom floor. He still owes me $50 bucks because he said he was 100% sure he picked them all up that morning and put them in the hamper which I knew for a fact he did not. When we got home the first thing he did was run upstairs to "prove me wrong" long story short he did not and I won the 50. I love him so much but I think he does it just to push a button sometimes.

I'm pretty sure I learned my OCD cleaning habits from my mom we hate clutter and right after we are done doing what ever it was that made the mess we have to clean it up. At the end of the day I like going to bed knowing all of the toys are neatly put away, all of the crayons are off of the floor and the kitchen has absolutely nothing but the normal stuff on its counters... I sound crazy about cleaning and I kinda am. Another annoyance of mine is mopping I don't think I'd mind it as much if our entire bottom floor wasn't tile but it is and it isn't easy to get it clean especially with a toddler who likes to throw his food on the floor, Frenchie can be a good vacuum but mop she is not!

On Sunday it's laundry day in our house, I do all of the laundry once a week and I get it all started at Kaydens nap time, wash, dry, fold, repeat...
Laundry NEVER ends.
More times than I'd like to admit I've left the pile of laundry waiting in the basket for days, sometimes two weeks even, don't lie you know you've done it too. There is nothing I hate more that hanging up my clothes, I love clothes but I despise putting that laundry away every week tedious and boring... even with music on while I'm hanging them up.

Chores in life are always constant and I'm sure you don't catch a break unless you make yourself take one for a couple weeks. After though you always realize you shouldn't have let it get this bad. Moral of the story is as much as a clean freak I am I hate it. Can we all just keep the house perfectly clean forever every day for the rest of our lives cause this mama is sick of cleaning up the mess. Thanks for hearing my cleaning rant, now back to cleaning... Kayden is napping.

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  1. We could be twins. I am equally a clutter freak. I even threw away my high school diploma (who really ever needs that anyway??). So I totally get it--- I just need to figure out how I can get my husband to pay me $50. :)

  2. Girl, you sound like me! haha!! It's ok rant all you want..we've all been there

  3. I am always leaving the laundry done and folded in the basket, right now I have stuff sitting that I washed over last weekend, grrr! And my hubby is the SAME way, clothes are everywhere!!!