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Well hello picky toddler! Ugh what happened to my little buttercup that would eat anything I put on his plate? Chicken nuggets, peanut butter & Mac and cheese isn't a full balance of nutrition. I really hope this is a phase like I've read it is every where.
{trying on my boots}
I've officially considered you a toddler this month just the way you act and play you seem to be growing so fast. Your vocabulary is starting to get larger and I know you are learning new things everyday your newest word you like to say is backpack and poo poo is one you've been saying a lot lately. Yellow, blue, belly button are some more words you've been saying these past couple days.
{it's like your nose is your new finger holder}
Speaking of poo poo, these past two weeks Frenchie has been acting out I'm pretty sure she does this when she is mad at us for some reason, she has been pooping over by the dining room table when normally she would ask to be let out or asked to go on her potty pad well last Tuesday she didn't ask for either and decided going to the bathroom in the corner next to the table would be better. Ugh not so good at all, Kayden has seen us clean up her poop many times and explain when she is a bad dog. So as I was washing the dishes last week Kayden was playing nicely in the living room when all of a sudden his attention went to the dining room he quickly ran in there and within seconds later he ran out into the kitchen to the towels located in a lower cupboard I thought aww how cute he is copying me and dusting the saris and floor like he did the previous week. I WAS WRONG! As my dish washing and kitchen cleaning was ending I noticed Kayden hadn't resurfaced and was really quiet I thought myself I wonder if he pulled off the wreath on the table so I end tin to check and there was Frenchie poop all over the floor, all over the base boards and well all over that little towel and Kaydens shirt. Not so funny seeing it or cleaning it up but now looking back I have to laugh since he was just trying to clean it up. Poor guy was only trying to help his mama.

On a much cleaner note, you love to color in your coloring books. I love it everything you do I think is cute but when I see you laying on the floor kicking your legs in the air behind you coloring it puts the biggest smile on my face. And I don't know how you picked up on it but you hold a crayon perfectly!

Looks like you are a righty and not a lefty.
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  1. So sweet that he tried to help you clean but oh my I would have freaked out! The Montessori teacher in me was so excited to see how wonderfully he holds a crayon. Go Kayden!!!