27 years of lessons learned... Happy 27th to Moi

So here it is I'm 27! Wow I swear I was just 18 and trying to figure out what I was going to be doing with my life, and thinking if I sell my CDs Becca and I could move to LA. Delusional? Maybe a little a lot.

but at 27 I'm feeling a bit old and I'm wondering how the heck am I going to feel when I'm 30? I hope young. No matter the age or the birthday one question remains...

Do I have it all figured out?

My answer? 

No way!

I'm not sure if anyone ever does or if I ever will but I do know one thing; there are things I've learned over the course of my 27 years of life and I'm going to share some of those with you today...

Paying bills doesn't ever become fun, I remember thinking I can't wait to pay bills and write checks! Reality... I don't write checks anymore and I hate paying bills.

Never say no to cake, cupcakes and doughnuts. Unless you are diabetic...

It's never too late to start making your dreams a reality.

Cell phones ruined our world. I use my cell phone, so does everyone else we all enjoy them but they have ruined us. Think about your favorite movies or memories I bet none of them have to do with a cell phone we kept memories better before we had such complicated devices to hold.

Women's intuition is real and shouldn't be ignored.

Pink slippers & running around in your underwear are always a good idea!

Manicures and pedicures solve most problems and make you feel amazing... Even if you are a man!

Ice cream isn't something you should eat for breakfast even when you're sixteen.

Stock pile on foods you love cause it will eventually go away. This is a sad fact I've learned I've said goodbye so many times some amazing food that I've loved over these 27 years that companies seem to like to get rid of just because I like them. So if it's limited edition and you can consume it don't buy it or make sure you stock pile it!

Taking risks can be bad, but if you don't take them it could lead to regret, don't regret!

Not everyone sticks around. People come into your life and just as fast as they came into it they will leave even faster it seems. Take that relationship and learn from the lesson it gave you and make a better you.

Orange soda cures all sore throats!

Having a couple great friends throughout your life are better than being the most popular person in school. Treasure them.

The book is always better than the movie.

Anyone can be a ninja turtle... Just ask 4 year old Marie...

Expect nothing in return when you do for others.

Tabasco sauce is amazing in macaroni and cheese.

Waiting for the perfect moment means you could be waiting forever! There will never be the perfect moment so don't wait...

A vacation every year is a must even if it's just to the local beach for the weekend.

Marriage isn't easy. It's hard, you have two people who are different and alike all at the same time, and they are both not always perfect but you make it work and it's worth it.

Middle school is the most awkward years of your life.

You really should enjoy being young because you're an adult for way longer than you are a child.

Loving fiercely is never wrong.

Letting go of your anger and jealousy can heal your heart and mind.

Your DREAMS should scare you and give you insane butterfly's.

Just because someone is your family doesn't meant they always love you.

You Don't have to go to church to has a close relationship with GOD.

Eventually that piece of food will go straight to your stomach or ass and your metabolism won't care.

Diets always sound better to start on a Monday.

Having a baby is the greatest love you will EVER know.

After all of this is said and done I've also learned that I still at 27 years old have a lot to learn. No matter the birthday I'm happy I can be alive to celebrate a new one each year, birthdays are a treasure.

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Remember when... Jenna Edition

I always love writing a letter to my friends and families on their birthdays but this year I wanted to change it up and take a trip down memory lane. Jenna will be the first trip and since I've had 21 years of knowing Jenna this trip wasn't very hard.

Remember when we first met in kindergarten and I couldn't remember your name? So I'd just call you "friend"...

Remember when we would dress up as twins and tell everyone we were sisters...

Remember when we would climb the tree in front of your house and lay on the roof at night making wishes on stars...

Remember when we would buy new "diamond rings" at the hospital gift shops when we had new crushes...

Remember when we would ride our bikes all over town all summer long...

Remember when we'd "ice skate" in your backyard to music...

Remember when we had our 12th birthday party together...

Remember when our parents bought us Nsync tickets for our birthday party that year...

Remember when me, you and Tasha would get in the car and act like we were driving around town and sing the song we made up, "the wind blown in my hair"...

Remember when we'd go through catalog after catalog and act like we were service reps for a company...

Remember when we wanted to become teachers when we grew up...

Remember when we'd sing "going to the chapel" in our dresses and act like we were getting married...

Remember when you came over for my birthday party when it was raining and you dropped my present in the rain gutter you got so sad...

Remember when we did the spice girls for the talent show our 5th grade year...

Remember when we'd camp out in my backyard & have sleep overs...

Remember when we dipped sour cream and cheddar cheese chips in sour cream and thought it was the best invention EVER!

Remember when you feel off the table in the shop and I peed my pants cause I was laughing so hard... We never did scare your brother that day...

Remember when we'd write back and forth in our journals about our life and crushes... I still have them all...

Remember when we'd listen to our favorite song on repeat and fall a sleep to it and in the morning it would never sound the same... What was up with that?...

Remember when we wen to Disneyland with your family, that was an amazing trip...

Remember when I'd fall in love all of the time...

Remember when you were always a shoulder for me to cry on...

Remember when you told me you loved me before I took the steps down your wedding day isle as your matron of honor and wed both officially be married best friends...

Remember when you knew you were pregnant as you met Kayden for the first time...

Remember when we were smelling our babies asses and started laughing cause we never thought we'd be siting there like that so soon...

Remember when we still were best friends after 21 years...

Remember you chose to be my best friend even when I was made fun of cause of my last name and my questionable hairstyle...

Thank you for all of these many memories and the many more I wasn't able to write and of course the many many more to come...

Love you for ever best friend!

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Happy it's FRIDAY!

I've been totally out of it lately, just unplugged from social media {except for instagram} and I'd totally apologize for it if I wasn't sure why but I do know and I'm still considering whether or not I wan tot share that part of my life on the blog... Not so candid of me right? Until I make that choice here is my five on Friday! 

1.  Last Sunday I got together with my in laws 1 second away and we had some dinner. To my surprise my sister in law said she got me something and i told her it better not be from JCrew {it was in a bag from there} so I saw a box and a card I knew it had to do with the wedding and I thought she is asking me to be her bridesmaid but instead she asked me to be her maid of honor! I was totally surprised and honored {funny how that happens} to be a huge part of her wedding since I wasn't planning it to get such an amazing title but she gave it to be and of course I totally cried. We are sister in laws and although in past moments we hadn't seen eye to eye we have a understanding for each other and still love each other. 
She is an amazing sister and I'm going to work my butt off even more to give her a wedding she is happy with. 

2. Speaking of my sister in law, The oh joy line for Target is amazing! And it is absolutely perfect for the vision I have for my sister in laws bridal shower, which is pretty far away but life seems to be moving really fast paced lately. 

3. Kayden thinks the word cool is well... The coolest word ever he has been saying it about everything he thinks that is cool especially when he lines all of his cars up. He has also been fake sneezing! It is so cute he says, "ah ah ah chooo" no clue how he learned it but his memory was hit when a song said choo. I love this little guy. 

4. Five more days till my birthday and my best friend turns 27 tomorrow! Where oh where does the time go?!?

5. Some great deals are going on at Jane.com today!

Spring Initial Necklace - I LOVE this one I really want one myself but I have to share.

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Birth Diaries featured on Hand and the Heart

So happy to have the opportunity to share Kaydens birth story today on Andrea's blog
Hand and the Heart, thank you again Andrea for the opportunity.

 After my appointment on June 11th the day was officially set I was supposed to be induced the next morning. My doctor, Dr Olivera was concerned Kayden would be too big to push out if I went past my date, the nerves of picking his birthday myself went way by the time we left the parking lot but as I'm constantly reminded God has a better plan then we have in our mind. I couldn't believe tomorrow I'd be a mom and I’d finally get to meet my little boy. 

Hand and the Heart

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Saying goodbye to Kaydens pacifier

All transitions have seem to come so easy to Kayden like his mind just mentally knows it's time to let it go saying bye to bottles...

First let me explain why Kayden had the pacifier in the first place. I live in fear I'm not afraid to admit it hearing horror stories of families loosing their babies to SIDS scared the living day lights out of me I wanted to take every precaution possible when Kayden was born to reduce the chances and that's when his pacifier came in. Pacifiers can get a bad wrap but I've had no issues with it other than I wish it wasn't in some of his photos ;) but from the moment Kayden was born I knew he'd have a pacifier. The original had to be replaced since it was lost when he was around 5 months old, the past few months we have slowly taken it away only letting him have it when he was in the car, sleeping or when he was really sick this past week since it's his comfort. Last week though I noticed it was coming a part at the seams on the side my mama instinct knew the pacifier was coming to an end it lasted another week till Mrach 5th.

March 5th Wednesday morning we went to Starbucks for a coffee treat I didn't notice anything wrong with his pacifier and he held onto it for most of the time in the car but once we got home I noticed he was playing with it and then he bent the nipple and said "uh oh" I looked closer and it was torn in half on one side. I told him, "oh no! It's broken now, you know what that means? That means you are a big boy and you can't have it anymore so was have to say bye bye to the pacifier." He looked at it again said uh oh and waved bye bye. And just like that I took it away. All morning we laughed and played and hurt our head pretty bad at one point so I made sure I really comforted him since I knew he'd want his pacifier for it but he was fine. We ate lunch cuddled on his couch, then he bit me a couple times I knew it was the lack of the pacifier the moment he did it he stopped once I told him that it wasn't nice to do that. Then 12:30 came and he was searching and getting sleepy I grabbed him his blanket and cup and put him in his crib for his nap I wanted to see how he'd do without me or the pacifier. I watched on the monitor as he searched for the pacifier and cried I felt bad but knew there wasn't anything I could do about what he wanted he sat in there for a bit and then stood up so I went in to comfort him. I rubbed his back and told him it's time to take a nap and that we said bye bye and it was all gone now, I rubbed his back and sang to him he passed right out after two rounds of "beside a western waterhouse" and in all honesty I cried the whole time and a few more minutes downstairs, it was harder for me than it was for him I think and I realized he's growing up fester than I expected. His nap lasted till 2pm and was pretty upset when he woke up I'm not sure if it had to do with the pacifier or gas pain but nothing seemed to make him happy at that moment.

The rest of the day minus hitting his head on the dining room table went great, he ate most of his dinner and played like normal never asking for his pacifier once and I noticed he talked a lot more that day he was also more affectionate. I can't lie I knew bedtime was coming soon and I was anxious because I didn't know how it would go I thought he would go to bed fine and then would be awoken 4 hours later extremely upset he didn't have a pacifier in there but that what I thought and what I thought was totally off. We started bedtime at 8:30 and of course he was fine at first but then searched for his pacifier again nowhere to be found so he cried a little then stood up I went in just like last time explaining it was gone just like last time but he wasn't having it he talked to me a little and I tried giving him a stuffed animal as a nighttime buddy but he didn't care for that either. Greg came in and we both tried to calm him down but he didn't want us to so after 25 mins of trying to convince him with us helping he pushed me away and I left the room I thought maybe he really does just want to cry it out on his own now and he did just that for maybe 5 mins it was probably less but if you've listened to your baby cry you know it seems like forever. Greg and I went to bed around 11 and Kayden slept the whole night he fussed once and then that was it.

Day 2 without it was the complete opposite, when nap time came he wanted nothing to do with me being in the room and wanted to try to sooth himself. Nothing makes me more sad than hearing my little man cry and I wish I could have just sung him to sleep like the day before but he just didn't want me there his nap lasted a little longer than the day before. How nap time went made me really dread bedtime but since his nap lasted longer I knew he wouldn't be tired till 10 so once bedtime hit Greg put him in his crib and he made a couple noises but that was it he fell right to sleep and only woke up cause of a bad dream once.

I know this isn't the end of it Kayden has to totally retrain himself to fall asleep on his own other than sleep though he doesn't ask for his pacifier and goes on with his day like it was never there in the first place and getting through our first week has been easier than I expected , he talks more, eats more, is more affectionate and seems to be more calm when out. Kayden I have to say no matter the worry in my mind when we go through changes you always blow me away by how well you transition, and I'm proud of you.
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My Birthday Wishlist

I'm doing my Five on Friday a little different today instead of the 5 things I'm loving this week it's the five things I'm putting on my birthday wish list 'cause in 18 days I'm going to be 27... WOW!!

1. Gold iPhone 5s - my phone has had it and it's slowly dying the way all iPhones do when new models come out I'm pretty sure they put a virus out for the old phone in the updates!

2. MacBook Pro - I want a new laptop I thought I wouldn't miss having one when I sold my last one but I was oh so wrong and since I've started getting my event planning business ready I've realized I need one even more.

3. Fiji Film Instax Mini - I love taking photos and this would be the perfect addition to my cameras and I really want to make an album for Kayden with photos from it.

4.Gabby Necklace - I still love this necklace I never expect anyone to get it for me honestly it will just stay on my wish list till I can get it for myself.

5. Painted Floral Case - New Cell Phone case mine is thrashed just like my phone.

I may be wishing for it but in all reality I don't expect any of it we might just spend a nice relaxing day at the beach & that is fine with me!

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A Wedding weekend Recap {Nicole's Wedding}

Finding the dress you wear on your wedding day quite possibly may be one of the most important elements of the big day, every bride expects that aha moment where they see themselves in their dress and instantly fall in love and cry with tears of joy. Some brides don't get the tears but you can always remember you knew your dress was "the one"

This weekend was a big one for Nicole we went dress shopping at one of the local boutiques in Campbell, CA, Trudy's. My friend Jenna found her dress here and our bridesmaids dresses so I knew it would be on the must list of places to shop for Nicole's wedding. They have a large assortment of wedding gowns, bridesmaids dresses, and even dresses for the mother of the bride and groom.

Our first stop was some lunch at to discuss the wedding of course! :) Accompanying us on our dress journey was Nicole's mom {my MIL} Lynn and Mike's mom {Nicole's future MIL} Toni of course the Bride to be Nicole was also there and really excited to be starting the shopping process. We decided to eat at elephant bar in Campbell we got there at 11:45 and our appointment was at 1pm for the dress. We all thought perfect timing we will get there at 1pm on the dot and we would have if the server didn't forget about us for 45 mins we honestly have no clue what happened at her our food was really really late I was surprised since elephant bar is normally a place the serves people so fast. We saw her maybe twice and never saw her again we had to rush and eat our food I just boxed my sandwich and ate the salad I really didn't want to be late. Thankfully we got out with 5 mins to get to Trudy's which was 4 blocks away but the parking lot as packed so I checked us in while Nicole and the moms parked the car.

We got our personal consultant and I'm horrible with names but she was extremely nice and perfect for Nicole. She brought about 5 or 6 dresses to start each one was pretty but was still missing something none of us were totally wow'd. We all agreed the second one Nicole tried was the best but I could tell she wasn't sold on it. While Nicole was trying one on the consultant {I swear her name was Shannon!} went and grabbed one more dress I could tell we were running low on the style Nicole really liked. Nicole came out after the consultant got back but the dress she had on was just not right at all! So it was on to the next one the last one Shannon brought into the room. We were tying to listen in but couldn't hear much then Shannon came out of the room and whispered, "I really really like this one!" Then she ran off we were all wondering where she went and I noticed she brought Kleenex back I thought oh great she brought it for us I guess we will be crying very soon but no it wasn't for us at the moment it was for Nicole she had her aha moment! Lynn and I instantly started to cry then Nicole came out she looked perfect in it, and she pointed out that we were already crying! It was gorgeous, it was like it was made just for her and brand new! It just came in that morning it was patently waiting for her to try it on.
And just like that she said Yes to the dress!

Not only did we find the brides dress but we also found the bridesmaids dresses mine is already ordered and I can't wait to be in their wedding. I was so happy Nicole had her moment and I'm so thankful she wants me to be in her wedding, so far it has all been coming together perfectly!
These are the moments I love and this is one reason I want to be a wedding planner to see the happy moments and to know I helped make them.

and as for the winner of the day you'll just have to wait and see!

**If you are planning a wedding and live in the Bay Area I highly recommend Trudy's bridal boutique for all of you wedding dress shopping.
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