27 years of lessons learned... Happy 27th to Moi

So here it is I'm 27! Wow I swear I was just 18 and trying to figure out what I was going to be doing with my life, and thinking if I sell my CDs Becca and I could move to LA. Delusional? Maybe a little a lot.

but at 27 I'm feeling a bit old and I'm wondering how the heck am I going to feel when I'm 30? I hope young. No matter the age or the birthday one question remains...

Do I have it all figured out?

My answer? 

No way!

I'm not sure if anyone ever does or if I ever will but I do know one thing; there are things I've learned over the course of my 27 years of life and I'm going to share some of those with you today...

Paying bills doesn't ever become fun, I remember thinking I can't wait to pay bills and write checks! Reality... I don't write checks anymore and I hate paying bills.

Never say no to cake, cupcakes and doughnuts. Unless you are diabetic...

It's never too late to start making your dreams a reality.

Cell phones ruined our world. I use my cell phone, so does everyone else we all enjoy them but they have ruined us. Think about your favorite movies or memories I bet none of them have to do with a cell phone we kept memories better before we had such complicated devices to hold.

Women's intuition is real and shouldn't be ignored.

Pink slippers & running around in your underwear are always a good idea!

Manicures and pedicures solve most problems and make you feel amazing... Even if you are a man!

Ice cream isn't something you should eat for breakfast even when you're sixteen.

Stock pile on foods you love cause it will eventually go away. This is a sad fact I've learned I've said goodbye so many times some amazing food that I've loved over these 27 years that companies seem to like to get rid of just because I like them. So if it's limited edition and you can consume it don't buy it or make sure you stock pile it!

Taking risks can be bad, but if you don't take them it could lead to regret, don't regret!

Not everyone sticks around. People come into your life and just as fast as they came into it they will leave even faster it seems. Take that relationship and learn from the lesson it gave you and make a better you.

Orange soda cures all sore throats!

Having a couple great friends throughout your life are better than being the most popular person in school. Treasure them.

The book is always better than the movie.

Anyone can be a ninja turtle... Just ask 4 year old Marie...

Expect nothing in return when you do for others.

Tabasco sauce is amazing in macaroni and cheese.

Waiting for the perfect moment means you could be waiting forever! There will never be the perfect moment so don't wait...

A vacation every year is a must even if it's just to the local beach for the weekend.

Marriage isn't easy. It's hard, you have two people who are different and alike all at the same time, and they are both not always perfect but you make it work and it's worth it.

Middle school is the most awkward years of your life.

You really should enjoy being young because you're an adult for way longer than you are a child.

Loving fiercely is never wrong.

Letting go of your anger and jealousy can heal your heart and mind.

Your DREAMS should scare you and give you insane butterfly's.

Just because someone is your family doesn't meant they always love you.

You Don't have to go to church to has a close relationship with GOD.

Eventually that piece of food will go straight to your stomach or ass and your metabolism won't care.

Diets always sound better to start on a Monday.

Having a baby is the greatest love you will EVER know.

After all of this is said and done I've also learned that I still at 27 years old have a lot to learn. No matter the birthday I'm happy I can be alive to celebrate a new one each year, birthdays are a treasure.

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