A Wedding weekend Recap {Nicole's Wedding}

Finding the dress you wear on your wedding day quite possibly may be one of the most important elements of the big day, every bride expects that aha moment where they see themselves in their dress and instantly fall in love and cry with tears of joy. Some brides don't get the tears but you can always remember you knew your dress was "the one"

This weekend was a big one for Nicole we went dress shopping at one of the local boutiques in Campbell, CA, Trudy's. My friend Jenna found her dress here and our bridesmaids dresses so I knew it would be on the must list of places to shop for Nicole's wedding. They have a large assortment of wedding gowns, bridesmaids dresses, and even dresses for the mother of the bride and groom.

Our first stop was some lunch at to discuss the wedding of course! :) Accompanying us on our dress journey was Nicole's mom {my MIL} Lynn and Mike's mom {Nicole's future MIL} Toni of course the Bride to be Nicole was also there and really excited to be starting the shopping process. We decided to eat at elephant bar in Campbell we got there at 11:45 and our appointment was at 1pm for the dress. We all thought perfect timing we will get there at 1pm on the dot and we would have if the server didn't forget about us for 45 mins we honestly have no clue what happened at her our food was really really late I was surprised since elephant bar is normally a place the serves people so fast. We saw her maybe twice and never saw her again we had to rush and eat our food I just boxed my sandwich and ate the salad I really didn't want to be late. Thankfully we got out with 5 mins to get to Trudy's which was 4 blocks away but the parking lot as packed so I checked us in while Nicole and the moms parked the car.

We got our personal consultant and I'm horrible with names but she was extremely nice and perfect for Nicole. She brought about 5 or 6 dresses to start each one was pretty but was still missing something none of us were totally wow'd. We all agreed the second one Nicole tried was the best but I could tell she wasn't sold on it. While Nicole was trying one on the consultant {I swear her name was Shannon!} went and grabbed one more dress I could tell we were running low on the style Nicole really liked. Nicole came out after the consultant got back but the dress she had on was just not right at all! So it was on to the next one the last one Shannon brought into the room. We were tying to listen in but couldn't hear much then Shannon came out of the room and whispered, "I really really like this one!" Then she ran off we were all wondering where she went and I noticed she brought Kleenex back I thought oh great she brought it for us I guess we will be crying very soon but no it wasn't for us at the moment it was for Nicole she had her aha moment! Lynn and I instantly started to cry then Nicole came out she looked perfect in it, and she pointed out that we were already crying! It was gorgeous, it was like it was made just for her and brand new! It just came in that morning it was patently waiting for her to try it on.
And just like that she said Yes to the dress!

Not only did we find the brides dress but we also found the bridesmaids dresses mine is already ordered and I can't wait to be in their wedding. I was so happy Nicole had her moment and I'm so thankful she wants me to be in her wedding, so far it has all been coming together perfectly!
These are the moments I love and this is one reason I want to be a wedding planner to see the happy moments and to know I helped make them.

and as for the winner of the day you'll just have to wait and see!

**If you are planning a wedding and live in the Bay Area I highly recommend Trudy's bridal boutique for all of you wedding dress shopping.
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  1. Fun day! I wish I could go wedding dress shopping again, for myself! Haha!

  2. *^^Um, not because I want to get married to someone else...just because trying on a new dress is fun. Haha!!

  3. Dress shopping was soooo much fun! That's exciting that Nicole found her dress. I can't wait to get back in mine for the first fitting and I'm sure that she's already counting down the days too!