Happy it's FRIDAY!

I've been totally out of it lately, just unplugged from social media {except for instagram} and I'd totally apologize for it if I wasn't sure why but I do know and I'm still considering whether or not I wan tot share that part of my life on the blog... Not so candid of me right? Until I make that choice here is my five on Friday! 

1.  Last Sunday I got together with my in laws 1 second away and we had some dinner. To my surprise my sister in law said she got me something and i told her it better not be from JCrew {it was in a bag from there} so I saw a box and a card I knew it had to do with the wedding and I thought she is asking me to be her bridesmaid but instead she asked me to be her maid of honor! I was totally surprised and honored {funny how that happens} to be a huge part of her wedding since I wasn't planning it to get such an amazing title but she gave it to be and of course I totally cried. We are sister in laws and although in past moments we hadn't seen eye to eye we have a understanding for each other and still love each other. 
She is an amazing sister and I'm going to work my butt off even more to give her a wedding she is happy with. 

2. Speaking of my sister in law, The oh joy line for Target is amazing! And it is absolutely perfect for the vision I have for my sister in laws bridal shower, which is pretty far away but life seems to be moving really fast paced lately. 

3. Kayden thinks the word cool is well... The coolest word ever he has been saying it about everything he thinks that is cool especially when he lines all of his cars up. He has also been fake sneezing! It is so cute he says, "ah ah ah chooo" no clue how he learned it but his memory was hit when a song said choo. I love this little guy. 

4. Five more days till my birthday and my best friend turns 27 tomorrow! Where oh where does the time go?!?

5. Some great deals are going on at Jane.com today!

Spring Initial Necklace - I LOVE this one I really want one myself but I have to share.

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