My Birthday Wishlist

I'm doing my Five on Friday a little different today instead of the 5 things I'm loving this week it's the five things I'm putting on my birthday wish list 'cause in 18 days I'm going to be 27... WOW!!

1. Gold iPhone 5s - my phone has had it and it's slowly dying the way all iPhones do when new models come out I'm pretty sure they put a virus out for the old phone in the updates!

2. MacBook Pro - I want a new laptop I thought I wouldn't miss having one when I sold my last one but I was oh so wrong and since I've started getting my event planning business ready I've realized I need one even more.

3. Fiji Film Instax Mini - I love taking photos and this would be the perfect addition to my cameras and I really want to make an album for Kayden with photos from it.

4.Gabby Necklace - I still love this necklace I never expect anyone to get it for me honestly it will just stay on my wish list till I can get it for myself.

5. Painted Floral Case - New Cell Phone case mine is thrashed just like my phone.

I may be wishing for it but in all reality I don't expect any of it we might just spend a nice relaxing day at the beach & that is fine with me!

 photo xomariesignature_zps873d4193.png


  1. Stopping by from the link-up! I just got an iphone 5s in gold and I am loving it so far!! And that case is sooo pretty!! I hope you and your family have a fantastic weekend!

  2. Great list! I just turned the big 27 on Monday so we are in the same boat! Hope you guys have a great weekend! xoxo

  3. I def am needing a new MacBook Pro sometime soon!! Looks like a pretty good birthday list to me!! :) :)

    Happy Friday, pretty lady! xo

  4. We should all do a beach day together with the kids! And some margaritas maybe...when the boys are watching the kids of course ;)