Sweet homemade Strawberry Popsicles

I've said before Kayden isn't exactly the best eater so if I can trick him into eating his fruits and veggies then I'm going to have to it in a treat kind of way. We recently bought the Popsicle molds at the store and yesterday I decided to give them a try. Thanks to Sara over at Mom Endeavors for making this recipe!

  • 2 cups fresh or frozen strawberries
  • 1-cup plain yogurt
  • 1/2 cup granulated sugar {I'm thinking of using applesauce next time}

Directions: I pureed all of the ingredients in our nutri bullet blender then poured them into the molds, after freezing for 6 hours they were ready to enjoy! 

Kayden likes to call them "popsh"
{mama made Kayden approved}

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A Hoppy Easter recap

Was it just me or did it feel like Easter took FOREVER to get here and went away way too fast?
That is how I'm feeling post Easter and what I'm left with is dyed eggs, basket filling scattered all over the floor and too much candy that I'll probably end up eating. We had a great weekend with our families and Kayden had a great time searching for eggs and discovering his Easter basket. 

On Saturday the plan was to go to the annual egg hunt in the park where we live but for some reason is was really really delayed and Kayden was a bit over whelmed with the huge park in front of him. Since is was delayed and we were starving we skipped it and headed to get some lunch with grandma L. After lunch we went to the outdoor mall in San Ramon and watched the ducks play in the water it's definitely one of Kayden's favorite places to go and there was a new batch of little ducklings to watch dive. After duck diving and window shopping w headed back home to dye eggs. 

{My Easter Treat}
This was Kayden's first experience dying eggs he did pretty good with being patient but wasn't into using the metal egg holders so instead he dropped them in and picked them up with his hands. After was dyed the eggs it looked as if Kayden was turning into Incredible Hulk baby! I realizing the Easter bunny had nothing to fill the plastic eggs he was going to hide around the house so we had to make a run to Target along with every other parent in central California, Target was packed, the dollar section was wiped of anything decent to put in an egg and most good treats were gone. If it wasn't like this I probably would have gone there today to nab some amazing deals but I don't think they would have had much I'd use again.

Once Kayden went to bed the Easter bunny came over and hid the eggs and dropped off Kayden basket of goodies. It was less sweets this year and more fun and practical it was filled with all things Kayden. bubbles, Dinosaur, squirt bottle, stickers, stamps and a wooden train that Kayden loves. 

The moment we went downstairs he saw all of the eggs hidden throughout the house and he went straight into hunting for the eggs and totally looked over his basket sitting on his table at first. He found all of the eggs and then we asked him to go look at his table he said "oh wow!" and then said "choo choo" when he saw the wooden train. Once we were done playing with the basket and eating breakfast we headed over to my parents house to see them and my brother and nephew. We had a great time Kayden skipped his nap completely {no surprise there} we plaed stickers in the sticker book my parents got Kayden and we watched some carpenter bees dig into the trellis in grandma and grandpas backyard. Kayden was concerned about one of them that made it into the pool so Greg went out to save it from drowning. 

{Greg & I were able to squeeze in a photo together, it has been too long}

The sun was setting so my mom and I too Kayden out front to watch him ring the door bell and water plants with her. I took some pictures of the two of them and some of just Kayden enjoying themselves. it was a family filled weekend and yet had a calm to it. 

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Easter, Muffins, & Kayden of course...

Another Friday is here and I wasn't sure if I'd even have time to post today, this week has been a busy one at home since it has been raining all week except for Wednesday but god knows we NEED this rain big time! 


Really excited for the Easter basket blog hop that Darci from the good life blog will be hosting on April 16th! Some how I missed it last year but this year we will be hopping on over to share what the Easter bunny brought Kayden. 

Speaking of Easter I finally put up some of the Easter goodies we got, I'm still in the process of getting more won't be putting it up till next year since I like to shop after the holidays, who doesn't like to buy everything on sale? 
{Kayden loves trying to grab the tails off of the bunnies so I'm not sure if this one will make it another Easter}
{I couldn't pass this one up at Target}

Yesterday we baked some Oatmeal Blueberry Applesauce Muffins that Illy shared on her blog Illy Who this week and Kayden loves them! The recipe is really easy and I would assume they are low in calories since there isn't much sugar involved and they are made with greek yogurt. You should definitely head over and try them!


{Frenchie also enjoys the new table since it is standing  on your tip toes height}
I bought Kayden a table to eat {and color on} since he refuses to use his high chair and he loves it! He had gotten another one before from his auntie but we had to exchange it cause the chairs were not working for him. I got this one from Ikea and it was such a good deal and very easy to clean! 

We are still trying to sell our couch we came so close on Monday but because of the horrible rain and distance the buyer would have to drive it fell through. Oh well maybe the next person will be the one! 

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