Happy Uno Birthday Benji!

{May 5th 2013}
The anticipation for the arrival of your birthday we something that I wont forget, I was excited to be an auntie again but nervous at the same time I didn't know how much I'd be able to be around you in your first year and it's something that I still wish I was around more. Your first year has come and gone so fast I'm not even sure how it happened but you did not disappoint you are definitely the missing link in your mama and dadas heart and they love you so much. Benji you are such a little ham, every time I see you you're all smiles and I must admit you just light up the room with your little personality. You've shaken up all of our worlds {especially your parents} in the best way, the complete opposite of your sister {obviously} in may ways.  

At your first birthday party yesterday I got a ping to my heart seeing you, Oliver and Kayden crawling around on the pavement, Kayden already see you as one of his buds and took the leap to get to your level since you haven't mastered walking yet. I hope this reflects how it will be in the years to come you and Kayden walking around being the cute guys that you are and best friends like your mom and I. 
I hope for your second year we get to spend more time together as auntie and nephew and for you, Amelia and Kayden to become even closer as cousins and friends. 

We all love you Benji and I can't wait to see your grow over the years to come.

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  1. Love you oh so much! Thank you for being such an amazing auntie to my little ones. We all love you dearly!