Kayden's Favorite Books

Reading is such an important element in a child's life and when I found out I was pregnant one of the first things we ever bought for Kayden was books and although it can be difficult to get him to sit down so I can read to him I still keep reading until I finish the book. I reed that you should read to your child every day and that is something we always try to put into our day so I wanted t share some of Kayden's favorites with you today.

Go, Dog Go! - Kayden loves dogs and this book was a great buy I wasn't sure if he'd really like it after just kind of putting it in our cart at Target but he loves pointing at the bug on the dogs hate and the houses and moon.  

Goodnight Goon - Not to be confused with goodnight moon both are very similar with the kind of treasure hunt aspect of the books. This is one that Kayden really loves we've read it so many times and I love hearing him saying goodnight goon and point out all of the creatures his gaga {my mom} bought it for him last year.  

Kayden's Pirate Adventure - This one is one he is constantly requesting he calls it hook book cause it has to do with pirates. It's a personalized story book that I won though a giveaway that Lindsey at Pillow Thought was hosting the book was purchased though uncommon goods. Every time I read it to him he gets so excited he knows the book is "about him" and that it is a very special book and I get a few laughs out of it when I'm reading it to him.

Time for a hug - The first book I bought him when I was pregnant I was reading it and started to cry in the book store so I knew it was a keeper. It is so sweet and I love reading it to him before bedtime in the 

Three Little Dinosaurs  - This one was bought at the same time we bought Time for a hug it's about 3 friends who try to learn how to fly. 

Ten Busy Whizzy Bugs - Kayden loves bugs so when we saw this we knew he'd love us reading it to him and its a great count down book for kids.

How do Dinosaurs say I Love you? - Another special one that Greg picked out one night when I was working. He brought it into my work after purchasing it also another one that brought the tears on while I was pregnant since then Kayden has definitely lived up to the book he is our little dinosaur. 

Tes Rex - A cute little book about a little girl and boy who invite a dinosaur over for tea.  

Caterina and the Perfect Party -  I really enjoy this one it kind of teaches kids that things unexpectedly can happen and that perfect is what you make it and the illustration in the book is beautiful!

If you give a Dog a Doughnut - A cute little story about a boy and his dog and if you give a dog a doughnut. 

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