Firetrucks, Father's Day & more for five on friday

1. Never did I think I'd be calling 911 a day before Kayden's birthday, seriously I've never been so scared in my life besides when Kayden was in the NICU. Wednesday was like any other day till around 5:35, I went to the bathroom while Kayden was peacefully sitting on the couch watching Disney as I come out around the corner I hear a thud and see Kayden laying on his back in the kitchen screaming his head off I comforted him while I looked for something that he slipped on but nothing was there. He was trying to leave my arms so we went to the living room to grab his blanket when all of a sudden he started to try to catch his breath and then he threw up. Kayden has hit his head on the tile before but never had he thrown up so I was very concerned I looked up concussion symptoms and throwing up was one I called my mom told her what happened and then called 911, the dispatch had a sort of panic in his voice so I started to cry the ambulance were on their way a long with the firemen, thankfully after telling Greg what happened Greg's mom came over and she had just gotten back into town from work she calmed me as I held Kayden and we waited. 5:47 the fire truck pulled up and Kayden was totally happy to see them they checked him out and everything was fine, he was fine. Thank you GOD! After all of the craziness Kayden got made 3 new friends, got to sit in a fire truck and even got two junior firemen badges, he was happy and we were sitting there wondering if that was his plan all along. Ugh heart attack central.

2. Kayden's birthday was Thursday and Greg and I gave him his gift from us. We got him this water table awhile ago from Toys R Us and I couldn't wait to see him play in it he absolutely loves it and spent the majority of the afternoon outside playing in the table. 

3. My office got it's first piece of furniture. my desk is now built and in it's rightful spot I even got to paint the knobs gold. I can't wait for it to be complete and to give you and office tour.


4. Father's Day is just around the corner and Kayden and I were busy trying to figure out what to make for Greg this year and I think we hit the nail on the head with this one. We also got him a movie he's been wanting and a usb electric shaver. 

5. I need help where are your favorite places to shop for office furniture I need a chair but am not sure if I should buy online.

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Happy Birthday Bug!

You are now officially your favorite number, you are number two. This second year has flown by even faster than the first I swear, but this year has been amazing seeing you grow, walk, learn to talk, and discover new things. 

After your first birthday party your first steps to walking weren't far behind by 13 months you were a full on walking boy and almost running through the house. You have the sweetest voice and say the cutest things, you love all things boy... trains, cars, planes and especially bugs. This year you stopped using bottles and said bye bye to your pacifier, after the pacifier was gone it really sunk in that you were becoming a big boy and to me your were a toddler. I was a bit sad about you growing it was like starting a new season in your life but you were so ready. Once the pacifier was gone you started to talk so much more and on a major plus side you wanted more cuddles and kisses. Speaking of kisses you give the best kisses as long as you are in the mood we pucker our lips and go mmm and you come running over to plant a big sloppy wet one, it's the sweetest thing, you've even started giving us a goodnight kiss. {You sure do know how to melt my heart}

You started your "terrible twos" a bit early which means you'll be over it earlier right? ;) 

No worries mom and dad got the hang of this. One thing I'm very proud of is you don't throw tantrums over things, if we are in a store and we say you can't have something or we have to put it back you put it down and say "bye bye" and wave to it, you also wave bye bye to your toys at night it's so funny. 


This year you got to go to gaga and grandpas for a sleepover while mom and dad went on a trip. We also all went to Disneyland for the first time you absolutely loved it you got to meet your favorite characters and of course Mickey Mouse, you had a blast and still recognize the castle when it comes on tv or in a Disney movie. 

There is a old soul feel about you like you've done it all before it's odd but amazing all at the same time, we put so many things in front of you and you just know what it is, you are just so smart you blow us all away. 

Our love for you just keeps growing Kayden and our days are so wonderful with you in it I'd say I'm sorry for telling you i love you every 5 minutes but I do and it's an incredible love. 
Life just keeps getting sweeter with you Mr. K you've been a true joy to see grow into the little two year old you are today. Mommy and Daddy love you so very much.

Kayden's Disney Cars Birthday Party - Little Man turns 2!

Well I did it again I picked the hottest day of the entire year to have Kayden's Birthday party the only difference is well it was held at our home and we have and AC so all crises averted. Greg and I spent the majority of Saturday prepping for the party so what ever I didn't or couldn't do during the week we did then. 
We had an amazing party and were so happy to see all of our friends and family make it to celebrate Kadyen.He had such a good time too, it's amazing how fast he's grown over the course of  year. He's some photos of the day. 

{The Piston cup Prize party favors}

{He is so funny he started grabbing his nose and saying "honk honk"}

{Pit stop signs to direct the guests to the restroom}

{Refueling Station}

{The lightening lights were a hit and so easy to make}

{My mom did an amazing job at making Kayden's cake and it was delicious!}

{No cars were eaten in the destruction of this cake}

{My dad did a crazy face every time we tried to take his photo}

{Kayden got so many gifts so this week we will be donating his older ones.}

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