Kayden's Disney Cars Birthday Party - Little Man turns 2!

Well I did it again I picked the hottest day of the entire year to have Kayden's Birthday party the only difference is well it was held at our home and we have and AC so all crises averted. Greg and I spent the majority of Saturday prepping for the party so what ever I didn't or couldn't do during the week we did then. 
We had an amazing party and were so happy to see all of our friends and family make it to celebrate Kadyen.He had such a good time too, it's amazing how fast he's grown over the course of  year. He's some photos of the day. 

{The Piston cup Prize party favors}

{He is so funny he started grabbing his nose and saying "honk honk"}

{Pit stop signs to direct the guests to the restroom}

{Refueling Station}

{The lightening lights were a hit and so easy to make}

{My mom did an amazing job at making Kayden's cake and it was delicious!}

{No cars were eaten in the destruction of this cake}

{My dad did a crazy face every time we tried to take his photo}

{Kayden got so many gifts so this week we will be donating his older ones.}

 photo xomariesingaturemintandpeach_zps46eac945.png


  1. OMG this looks like SO much fun! You did an amazing job - I don't know how you do it! This is what I imagine in my head when I plan parties. Then it's a crazy hot mess! Props to you, Supermom! ;)

  2. Everything turned out so good, and I'm so glad we got to be there for his special day! I seriously cannot believe he is already turning 2. It makes me feel so old =( Love you all so so much!