A Trip to the Oakland Zoo

Last month we had planned a day to go to the zoo, or so we thought. When we showed up they were closed for an event and I swear I saw nothing on the website about it that week. When we showed up they gave us free passes to get in and free ride passes too, so this weekend we decided to take a little family trip to the zoo. 

 When we got there Kayden noticed the train go by us so that ended up being our first stop of the day... 

If you've meet Kayden you know he is a mover constantly wanting to go go go but once you put him on a ride it's like all of his storms inside are completely calm it's kind of crazy. So he patiently sat their the entire train ride and I didn't once have to tell him to relax or to keep his hands and feet in the ride.

After the train ride it as time to head into the zoo the first stop were the sun bears who I had finally seen out relaxing in their tree branches. 

{In the anteater family and I always forget their names Kayden called it a Cat}
{my new favorite of these two! I love them.}

{We had to go visit our favorite monkey she is always super social and swings around Kayden thought she was hilarious. Her name is coco}

Next stop was down to the kids center where Kayden got to play on the rocks and got to finally go on the frog. {it's normally always packed so we never get to see this area}

{He saw a little girl with a zoo key then he picked up tanbark and made his own key}
After playing on the rocks and frogs we went over to my favorite part the Otters. I normally never see them getting fed our even see them out playing, but this time I was lucky enough to get a picture of one of them.

{They are too cute!}
{I've never seen the crocodile out of the water and this time I did! Kayden didn't like him very much}

We ended the trip with the Giraffes who Kayden didn't really didn't care about seeing his faorite things on this trip were the train, the rocks, the frog and the friend he made while he was running around the tree.
I love this little guy. 

Our Anniversary Celebration

We had such a great anniversary and it was really the first anniversary Greg planned everything. Saturday we spent at home normally in the past we probably would have gone away for a weekend to our favorite beach but we were perfectly fine with spending our Saturday with Kayden and helping Greg's parents out. 

When Greg got home from helping his parents finish texturing their garage he brought me home these beautiful flowers and got to work on refurbishing our nightstands and I'm so in love with how they turned out they are exactly how I was expecting them to look.

On our anniversary day Greg and I headed to San Francisco so we could take the Ferry out to Sausalito.
We were so lucky it was a beautiful day in SF and Sausalito. 
We enjoyed a light breakfast and coffee at Starbucks and people watched for awhile.

After Starbucks we went over to the docks near our Ferry and enjoyed the bay bridge and ocean view. 

{One of the many views while we waited for the Ferry to arrive}

After our very short 30 minute Ferry ride we arrived in Sausalito!

It is seriously the prettiest little town I'm still in love with Carmel BUT this is a close second favorite.
Greg and I walked over to The Spinnaker where we ate an amazing lunch with an amazing view!

{Fro our apitiser we shared  La Bruschetta, it was amazing}

{Greg had the Mixed Seafood Grill}

{I had the Crab Cake Sandwich}

The Spinnaker was so good the service was great and the food was delicious! Once we were done with lunch we walked all around Sausalito and enjoyed some Ice cream at Lappert's Ice Cream Shop and went into the local art galleries and other retail shops. I was such a beautiful day and it was nice to have some romantic alone time with my hubby. 

Thank you love for our anniversary day and for being so wonderful, I love you!

6 years of marriage

Today Greg and I are celebrating our 6 year anniversary! 

6 years of loving one another
6 years or learning what love is
6 years of supporting each other  
6 years of being husband and wife
6 years of growing together 
And 6 years of realizing marriage isn't easy and It is hard work...
There are a number of times where we almost gave up and threw in the towel but we clearly didn't we fought for our love and we didn't give up. 

These last 6 years have gone by so fast, i swear we were just dancing at our wedding. I love you so much, even more than i did when we first met and even more than on our wedding day.
You are an amazing husband and an even more amazing dad.
They say marry someone when you couldn't imagine anyone else in your life and I truly couldn't imagine anyone else. 
I'm so happy I married you 6 years ago to this exact day and I'd do it all over again.


My Dream Kitchen

Greg and I go back a forth with selling our house all of the time and in more recent weeks we decided not to sell and the one reason is we don't want to settle for a house or other community we aren't really in love with so my dream kitchen is still in the back of my mind. 

Now lets get this straight I know people would kill to have our kitchen and I DO appreciate the kitchen we have Greg and I have had some of the most horrendous looking kitchens and smallest in the early years of our relationship. But this one is still lacking for my taste. 

I'm just not a fan of the cabinet color and I really don't like wood this color I don't know why but I LOVE white! its looks clean and refreshing. 

All of these photos were taken before we moved in it's no nearly as clean any more ;)

 Our dark counter top is anything but convenient, it's hard to clean ad it looses it's shine fast, and the worst of all the town we live in has a major ant problem so bad that I can't see the ants covering our counters until they make it into the cabinets.

{I really want to have the island bead-boarded like the photo below}

{The flooring and color of the cabinets are exactly how I want our kitchen to look}
{I'd love to have a farmers sink just like this one I've always loved the look of them}

{To eliminate the counter top problem I really want something lighter like this I'd fix the cabinets first though to see if it would lighten the dark ones up on their own.}

It's nice to be able to dream.