A Trip to the Oakland Zoo

Last month we had planned a day to go to the zoo, or so we thought. When we showed up they were closed for an event and I swear I saw nothing on the website about it that week. When we showed up they gave us free passes to get in and free ride passes too, so this weekend we decided to take a little family trip to the zoo. 

 When we got there Kayden noticed the train go by us so that ended up being our first stop of the day... 

If you've meet Kayden you know he is a mover constantly wanting to go go go but once you put him on a ride it's like all of his storms inside are completely calm it's kind of crazy. So he patiently sat their the entire train ride and I didn't once have to tell him to relax or to keep his hands and feet in the ride.

After the train ride it as time to head into the zoo the first stop were the sun bears who I had finally seen out relaxing in their tree branches. 

{In the anteater family and I always forget their names Kayden called it a Cat}
{my new favorite of these two! I love them.}

{We had to go visit our favorite monkey she is always super social and swings around Kayden thought she was hilarious. Her name is coco}

Next stop was down to the kids center where Kayden got to play on the rocks and got to finally go on the frog. {it's normally always packed so we never get to see this area}

{He saw a little girl with a zoo key then he picked up tanbark and made his own key}
After playing on the rocks and frogs we went over to my favorite part the Otters. I normally never see them getting fed our even see them out playing, but this time I was lucky enough to get a picture of one of them.

{They are too cute!}
{I've never seen the crocodile out of the water and this time I did! Kayden didn't like him very much}

We ended the trip with the Giraffes who Kayden didn't really didn't care about seeing his faorite things on this trip were the train, the rocks, the frog and the friend he made while he was running around the tree.
I love this little guy. 


  1. I love the zoo
    Looks like that one has a pretty neat kids area
    We visited one in NC this year through vacation and I was so not impressed
    I'm hoping to work in another one before cooler weather hits!

  2. We just renewed our membership a few weeks ago so we will have to plan a trip together soon!