My Dream Kitchen

Greg and I go back a forth with selling our house all of the time and in more recent weeks we decided not to sell and the one reason is we don't want to settle for a house or other community we aren't really in love with so my dream kitchen is still in the back of my mind. 

Now lets get this straight I know people would kill to have our kitchen and I DO appreciate the kitchen we have Greg and I have had some of the most horrendous looking kitchens and smallest in the early years of our relationship. But this one is still lacking for my taste. 

I'm just not a fan of the cabinet color and I really don't like wood this color I don't know why but I LOVE white! its looks clean and refreshing. 

All of these photos were taken before we moved in it's no nearly as clean any more ;)

 Our dark counter top is anything but convenient, it's hard to clean ad it looses it's shine fast, and the worst of all the town we live in has a major ant problem so bad that I can't see the ants covering our counters until they make it into the cabinets.

{I really want to have the island bead-boarded like the photo below}

{The flooring and color of the cabinets are exactly how I want our kitchen to look}
{I'd love to have a farmers sink just like this one I've always loved the look of them}

{To eliminate the counter top problem I really want something lighter like this I'd fix the cabinets first though to see if it would lighten the dark ones up on their own.}

It's nice to be able to dream. 


  1. I've always wanted an all white kitchen! Those pictures are divine.

  2. I like those kitchens a lot! I really like the big sink too!!!