A little bit of Lately

Ahh I feel like I'm constantly going and I feel like it's left me with less and less time for my blog. It's true, life is happening and my blog is on the back burner and I'm really ok with that. But I decided a little up date never hurt nobody. 

Let's see we will start with Kayden... he is just a big ball of energy and is learning so much. He is in the I'm a sponge and I'm going to repeat everything you are saying stage. It's loud around these parts with this little man running around and I love it. I can't believe this little baby is now two and saying mini sentences. We recently got play doh as a gift {thank you gaga} and Kayden lives for the days when we can play hours and hours making stuff, when the brown playdoh is pushed out of the machine he likes to say "ewwww poo poo" he is also exceptionally talented in letting you know when he farts or when he burps and likes to call it a fart but don't worry he will normally say "cusee eee" after. I've become his moderator if you don't know what he is saying majority of the time I have an idea. And my most favorite development recently is "I wuv ou" yes he will tell you he loves you {be still my heart} he'll say it if you ask and copy but the best is when he ran up to me grabbed my legs so tight and said "I wuv ou" kissed my butt then ran away. He is hilarious he also loves saying "what the heck!" He says it perfect, he learned it while I said what the heck to Frenchie. He got his first real boo boo, well the first one where he remembered everything about it and cried for the longest time I hate seeing him get hurt but my goodness the cuddles I got that night were the best and I love knowing I'm who he wants to run to to kiss his boo boos. 

Greg LOVES his job! I've never seen him so happy at a company before, yes the commute is longer but he has no complaints otherwise. His co-workers are great his mangers listen and he enjoys what he does. Triple whammy!!! The down side his car decided to take a dump we got it momentarily fixed and I'm just praying it can last a bit longer till we can permanently fix it or find an alternative. 

And then there is me...
I've been all over like I said I'm a mom, a wife and now an event planner all in one. It's a lot of taking care of other people but I'm not stopping there I need to take care of myself too and that's why I started the 21 day fix. I really like the program but I miss my frozen yogurt so I won't lie every now and then I treated myself and even doing so I still notice a considerable difference in my waist and arms especially. I know it's because I was up an moving a lot, lets face it sometimes Kayden and I would have nice relaxing days and most of the time we sit on the floor playing and learning so I didn't have that running around thing going on and I also don't have the money to pay for a month to month gym membership right now. So the 21 Day Fix is the best alternative and it wasn't a bad one either, it's very easy to carry on after the 21 days and for me it was really about my portions. 

The wedding and event planning is going exactly how I want it to right now I'm not insanely busy but I'm fine with that I'm planning a wedding right now and that's more than I can ask for I'm so happy. The couple I'm working with is amazing and the location is perfect for their rustic glam wedding. 

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  1. Definitely a busy season in your life. Great to get an update for you. Your little man is so cute!!!