Kayden's 2014 Christmas Wishlist

In the past years Kayden clearly wasn't picking out his own toys but this year we actually got catalogs in the mail and Kayden really showed interest in the things I put on his list which made my job a lot easier! I can't tell you how many toys we have over the years that Kayden just got sick of or didn't like in the first place. 

1. Step2 All Around Canopy Wagon, Red - Kind of more for the family but I know Kayden wouldn't mind cruising around in a wagon for walks. {I really love the canopy ones!}

2. Step2 Naturally Playful Lookout Treehouse - Our yard isn't really big so the little sets with the slide or like the little house below would be best for us. He loves being outside so outside toys are always a favorite of ours.

4. Lego Duplo Sets... {He loves the lego movie so these are the next best thing he has a few sets but these are the ones he liked that he didn't have yet}

*all items can be bought at lego, target or toys r us. Links to amazon just make it easier :)

Halloween Parties & Trick - or - Treating Recap

This year was a little different and I'll probably never do this again but I submerged myself into my Halloween character and became... 


Kayden was BUZZ LIGHTYEAR!! 

And he LOVED it! I mean the wings made the costume and most of the time you can't get wings for this costume but I got lucky and thanks to the internet found them at buycostume.com 

 He buzzed around and waked his wings on everything and then this happened...
And I'm still not really 100% sure what this^^^ is it was funny and cute and needed to be documented. {mommy assumption...he was acting like he was flying through the air when in reality he was lying flat on the ground} 

On that not we will head to trick -or- treating which was suppose to be rainy went really good. Kayden only wanted to go a couple blocks and then decided going home and eating his candy sounded much better I can't blame him. 
{we were outside so stopping to look at bugs was a must!}

{I explained the concept to him he totally remembered from last year but he would knock and say trick-or-treat right away so no one ever heard him say it. But he said thank you every time.}

After all of the fun and candy he took a bubble bath :)

The next night was mommy and daddy's time to party. Our sisters husband {Mike} had his birthday party on November 1st so we went to their house to celebrate. it was nice to get out and have a grown up night since they don't happen often Kayden spent the night at nana's house. 

For the party we decided to be a Flapper and Mobster. I really loved my outfit and I think it may be one of my favorites I've ever done. 

{Halloween Best Costume Contestants}

{Cobra Kai beer pong pep talk going on right here}

 I love her!

Halloween was so much fun this year I can't wait for the next and I already think I know what we are going to be. Unless Kayden had his own opinion next year.