Kayden's 2014 Christmas Wishlist

In the past years Kayden clearly wasn't picking out his own toys but this year we actually got catalogs in the mail and Kayden really showed interest in the things I put on his list which made my job a lot easier! I can't tell you how many toys we have over the years that Kayden just got sick of or didn't like in the first place. 

1. Step2 All Around Canopy Wagon, Red - Kind of more for the family but I know Kayden wouldn't mind cruising around in a wagon for walks. {I really love the canopy ones!}

2. Step2 Naturally Playful Lookout Treehouse - Our yard isn't really big so the little sets with the slide or like the little house below would be best for us. He loves being outside so outside toys are always a favorite of ours.

4. Lego Duplo Sets... {He loves the lego movie so these are the next best thing he has a few sets but these are the ones he liked that he didn't have yet}

*all items can be bought at lego, target or toys r us. Links to amazon just make it easier :)

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  1. My little girl would love that!! We are buying her a wagon similar to the one above, I hope she likes it