A mini family getaway to Tahoe!

{The view from our hotel room, we could walk right out on the beach it was PERFECT}
Nothing is better than a little mini getaway with your friends and last weekend we did just that. 
Becca and Victor organized the hotel reservations and we had nothing planned for this weekend oddly enough so we packed up the car and headed up to South Lake Tahoe. I've been to Tahoe a couple times before with Greg but had yet to take Kayden there. So it was a trip to the snow for the kids Amelia, Kayden & Ben got to see the snow for the first time and play in it at heavenly. The best part is we ALL got to build a snow man or in Kayden's words "it's Olaf!"

The best part a ton of photos...

{my new favorite photo of us} 

{the kids checking out gopher holes lol}

{Ben helping his mama pack in the snow}

{Kayden throwing snowballs at mama}

{the guys with Amelia and Kayden in front of our snowman}

{family photo}

{Milk & cookies on the gondola} 

{Double the cookies}
{Drawing in the sand}

{Our way overdue besite photo}
{BYE TAHOE! Thank you Orbegosos for an amazing fun filled weekend with you we love you guys!}

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