Kayden's Visit with Santa 2014

Can I first just say I really thought we would have repeat of last years Santa visit, big alligator tears and unconscionable child until he could break free of the gripping hands {see below} 

{this wasn't even the worst photo}
but this year is was the complete opposite! 
We went to the mall for some Christmas shopping and some hot dogs not thinking Kayden would be taking photos with Santa that day but per Nanas request for a photo with Kayden and Santa this year we laughed and said sure we can give this a shot. In no way did I prep Kayden for his next visit with Santa I actually wasn't planning on his seeing Santa again til our annual Christmas party so I was pleasantly surprised that when it was time for Kayden to see him he went right up gave Santa a hug and sat in his lap. Mind blown, and I was weirdly proud. He LOVES Santa and has asked me over and over again to go see him. 

{This Santa was amazing and actually seemed happy to be there which I think is key}
 When Santa asked him what he wanted this year Kayden said a rocket ship! who knows he might just get one! ;) 

 photo muavesignature_zpsc8f05d03.png

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  1. oh my goodnesss he's too cute and so excited! look at that smile :D I guess Santa grew on him lol