Our Living room Tour

Ahhh nothing like the smell of new carpet and a 25 year warranty on it! Seriously it feels amazing to have this room complete and to have fresh new carpet in it. When Greg and I first bought our house we completely over looked a couple things that being the carpet. Before we moved in some one cleaned it enough for us not to notice all of the underground stains but after a few months we realized it was not ideal and Frenchie made it worse she was pissed off at us about something {literally}. 

So we slowly started making it the way we wanted it carpet was the last detail to complete the room and I couldn't be happier with our selection. I hope you enjoy our little living room tour.

Of course our Christmas decor made it into the tour. Hopefully I'll be sharing our master suite with you in a couple weeks! 


  1. super cute!! and i loooove your couch!

  2. Adorable!! Looks so cozy ;)