2015 Personal & Family Goals plus Vision Board

I've been thinking really hard about my goals this year, hence why they are being posted at the end of January. I've also been thinking about what I want my 2015 core word to be, last year it was easy my word was simplify and  think my family and myself did a pretty good job at that. We got rid of the clutter in our house and simplified our living space which if you know me was like a weight lifting off of my shoulders. A two story house is pretty but the mounds of clutter we had in it was not.

So this year I found my word and my core word for 2015 is...


what is it to be intentional?
For me it is to live and do things in my day that are purposeful 
and that actually mean something to me.

I do many things everyday that actually don't mean anything to me and I wonder why am I doing them? examples... Instagram... I love posting photos but that isn't the part of Instagram I'm talking about. I'm talking about the aimless wondering and liking of photos. Did you know that sometimes I like a photo and don't have the slightest clue WHAT the caption was or even bother to read it later? True Story!
So No more of that!
Some of my key goals this year are...
  • Mommy and Kayden dates | it could be anything but he and I need more time out of the house besides the backyard and the docs. He's been getting board fast and there isn't much longer time I have with him being out of school and I can't believe I'm writing that! 
  • Potty Train Kayden | This should probably be on Kayden's goals or even the family goal but I really want to get this little man going on the big boy potty another thing that will hold him back from going to pre-school.  
  • Mommy Time | One thing I felt like I got a lot out of last year was some time for me  
  • Date Nights | Every now a then Greg and I need our time and date nights really do recharge us as a couple. We fall more in love with each other every time, not that we fall out of it but you get what I mean.
  • Family | I think Greg and I do really good with having family time around Kayden's grandparents but I'd like him to get to know his aunts and uncles better.
  • My Health | Last year I had my health scares and it definitely was an even bigger wake up call since I don't really think I eat all that unhealthy it is more activity level. So I'll be keeping up with staying fit. The 21 day fix and their dvds really work great for me so I'm sticking to it and adding shakeology to my life! Is it the fix all to not getting sick or any other issues not for everyone but for me it seems and feels like it is working. I don't have an aching pain in my stomach anymore and I have more energy. I also want to try taking at least 30 mins or an hour a day to mediate, I've never done it before but I've heard many people say just relaxing and taking that time really helps their stress level go down. 

Family Goals

This is something we've never really done before and I'm not 100% sure why because I LOVE IT! 
On New Year Eve we printed out {well I did} the Emily Ley new years family meeting printable and I had Greg and I write out our goals for our family even if it was something little or only something he and I wanted to do as a couple  we wrote it down.

  • No Credit Cards! | I know everyone would love to accomplish this one and it's not easy even we have a hard time not using our cards but our new rule is it has to be an emergency or you have to be able to pay it off but the time the next payment is due. So far so good!
  • Donate our money or time | I had a dream no seriously I really did and I was told if we did one thing this year we should be donating our money or time to those who need it and two days later Greg told me he thinks we should donate to a cause... coincidence? I think not! God speaks to us in different ways and I think he was telling Greg and I both this for a reason. 

  • Go Unplugged |  Every day at 7pm we become an unplugged house. Greg and I both came to the dessicion that we need more time away from our devices this is phones, computers and anything else that takes family time away from us. The only time we would use the phone is for Gregs work call or an emergency. So far we've done really good with this and I feel close to Greg and Kayden. 

  • More family fun activities | It's a little hard I feel like there is less and less stuff to do around us but I really want to make this one work even if we have to travel as a family to get some where a couple hours in the car never hurt nobody. {even if Kayden may hate it} Our mini bucket list for this year is...
Disneyland {already planned}
Fairyland & SF Zoo {in the spring or summer}
Zip-lining Trip {mom & dad trip}
Summer vacation to Newport or Carmel :)

That is it for this years goals and my vision board hope you enjoyed and I can now be held accountable for this goals of mine ;)
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