Our year so far...

This little blog of mine is so on the back burner, I miss blogging but not as much as I thought I would. There are many other things I want to and need to be doing other than blogging.   

I have new clients who are just amazing, I really feel like I'm lucking out every time I meet new clients, is the road to the alter perfect? No but it's a fun ride. 
I LOVE being able to be a stay at home mom and have a business I love and can work on from home. Every weekend I've had to do something that has to do with the weddings I have this year and I don't mind it at all.

At the end of January Greg had to go on a business trip to India and although it was a culture shock at first he was happy he went to meet the team he works with over there. He got to know everyone and got to understand the way they work better. 
His first stop was in London though and he had no idea what he should look at while he was there so I told him every where to visit and to take photos will all of the important landmarks. I missed Buckingham palace which I don't know how but maybe next time he can see it.

{he couldn't find one on the street so he had to take a photo with one in the airport :) }

{My favorite of him in India}

Kayden missed Greg so much while he was gone I think it made it harder on me knowing how much he missed him and the week took forever! Luckily its didn't last forever and Kayden was pretty happy about that. And Greg's first meal back in the US was In & Out of course. 

February was amazing! We got to head back to the happiest place on earth. Kayden's favorite ride was the spinning lady bugs in Bugs Life Land. If he could have we would of made us stay there all three days. I'm already missing Disneyland, heck I can't lie I was when we were driving home.

Kayden was unimpressed with the Disney characters {except Pluto} I sat back down from grabbing me breakfast and I said "wow you got to meet chip" and his reply... "ehh it's just a costume" coming from the mouth of a 2 year old. We didn't even tell him that!

And that's it for my little recap for the beginning of the year so far. I'll be back to update more when I have a chance.
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