That one time Kayden didn't like Disneyland

It has been a week after our Disneyland trip, it will be the last for a while and it was surly one I'll never forget. Okay so Kayden didn't exactly not like Disneyland he was just extremely cautious of the rides we went on. I wanted to go so bad this year, Kayden is now the perfect height to ride the "big boy" rides and but I thought it probably wasn't going to happen this year since our schedules have been jam packed. Where there is a wonderful husband though there is a way! We booked our tickets pack up our bags and headed to the happiest place on earth. I had no plan other than to eat begins and have Kayden ride Splash Mountain. Growing up Splash Mountain was my ride and I remember going on it with my dad and mom all of the time it was always the highlight of the trip. I knew I could get Kayden on it but I didn't expect him to say it was the first ride he wanted to go on for our trip and looking back I wish I would have made him go on everything else before jumping on the log ride.

{us waiting in line for SM}
We got in the park and asked Kayden where to he said "Splash Mountain!" So excited and I was too I kind hid Kayden's view from the ride while we waited in line for a little bit, I knew he would't want to go back on after the ride but I didn't expect him to freak out on every ride after if it involved water.
Imagine a child crying on it's a small world till he realized "oh this isn't going to be the same" Yep that was Kayden. We had a blast and a photo of Kayden's first Splash Mountain journey. I do think he was proud of himself after though since her kept asking "where is that crazy ride I rode on?" "Far away bug!"

The trip though was still successful we went on all of our favorite rides and ones we had never been on before. My favorite party was the Paint the Night Parade which was AMAZING! Truly if you can go to DL and see it you won't regret it, Kayden also loved the parade he was singing the song and even remembered the movie he heard it in.

{Kayden enjoying the Paint the night parade and one of the floats.}


{highlight of the mickey's magic map show Kayden saw Stich!}

{Kayden & daddy following the line onto Cars}
{we were clearly having too much fun}

I'm happy this wasn't our first trip and Kayden remembered A LOT from the two trip before this one.
Besides Kayden & I having a cold or allergies the trip was so much fun and we cant wait to go again in the future. Disneyland is our favorite!

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Saying Goodbye

I haven't written about this yet because it just didn't feel right, every time I started to write I was drowning in tears. This post is one I've never thought I'd write for whatever reason I thought she'd always be here.

Our beloved little Frenchie passed away on January 8th around 8:30pm.
I keep searching for an answer to something that doesn't have one.
I keep trying to think of a way to fix this grief but the one thing that can is the one thing I can't have.
I can't believe she is gone...
The only thing that seems to fix my hurting is looking at photos of her.
I've been thinking of every missed opportunity cause now she is gone; a big one was our christmas photos I ran out of time last year and I told Greg in December that in 2016 I wanted a family photo of us including Frenchie... we won't get that opportunity now.

The week before she passed I still feel as though God was prepping us for it, I took a photo of her in font of the Photo Booth I set up, I got rid of some of her old toys she never played with anymore, I never brought her rugs back in from outside and two days before we dressed her in some of her old clothes and Kayden thought it was so funny that Frenchie had clothes. That weekend was was supposed to be fun, Kayden was set to be at my parents since Greg and I planned to go on a double date with my brother and his GF... which was put on hold cause my brother got sick. I had no idea Frenchie was sick but now when I look back I see all of the signs and I'm even more concerned as to what gave her Cancer.

Through all of this hurting, there are so many things about Frenchie I want to remember. She was unlike any other dog I knew, smart, suspicious, protective and of course loving. When we first got her I instantly fell in love with her she bit me and I knew she would be my dog. She was mine and Greg's first baby; she taught us how to love and take care of someone other than ourselves. She was with us through so much; our first apartment, my first car {she loved driving around with us}, when I was pregnant with Kayden, and when we got our first home. She was there through some of the rouaghest times and always by my side when I was sad or wasn't feeling good. She loved Saturday's cause it was green day and she would dash across the second floor of our home when she got home from being at Nanas cause she wanted her boyfriend. She loved wearing her diamonds and I swear knew exactly what we were saying. Greg and I would talk for her all the time and we'd say she doesn't say anything but we always felt like she said so much with the way she looked at us.

She was the best dog, our first dog, our fur baby and I miss her terribly!

photo drawn by Genevieve Etsy Shop

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Entry Way Edit

They say first impressions are everything and you can only make it once! Well, our home had no first impression when you walked in. Minus the decor on the walls it was empty and not very inviting. 
So after going on house hunts with our friends I realized it was time to get our entry way going. 
I didn't really have an idea I just knew I wanted it to flow with the rest of the house and still be cohesive with the adjoining front room. I was also on budget so I knew it would take a while to complete it, until I got a free $100 dollar gift card on amazon for completing a survey! Once I got my gift card I bought the white console table & coat rack from amazon, the coat rack was a must cause in our house we were leaving our jackets lying over any chair that was near or on the stair banister so this was something I knew I had to have. 

Once I ordered those I made the mistake of going to Home Goods with no direction so I left empty handed. I went home and made an inspiration board on pinterest and cruised Joss & Main's website. 
I instantly found things I was inspired by so later that night when I went to Target I got majority of the decor, my second trip to Home Goods went a lot better also I found the floral arrangement, rug and basket. Some elements I already had were the apothecary jar and wall art. The final piece was the geo rock I found at The Owl Box shop in our downtown. 

Coat Rack | Amazon 
Console Table | Amazon
Green Plant | Target
Peony Arrangement | Home Goods | Similar 
Rug | Home Goods 
Geo Rock | The Owl Box 
Apothecary Jar | Home Goods | Similar 
Moss Ball Filler | Target
Frame | Target
Geo Candle Holder & Candle | Target | Here
Basket | Home Goods | Similar 
Pillow | Pottery Barn 
Blanket |  Target
Our Story Art | 
Key | Target 

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